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Spill Prevention&Control
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Oil Absorbent

Oil Absorbent Only Absorbs Oil, Not Water.

Oil Absorbent Material Only Absorbs Oil, Not Water. Oil Absorbing Material is Specialized in Absorbing Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Hydrocarbons, Etc. (such As Petroleum, Gasoline, Lubricating Oil, Paint, Etc.). Oil Absorb Material is Used on the Water Surface. Since It Does Not Absorb Water, It Will Float on the Water After Saturated Adsorption.

Emergency Spill Kits​​​​​​​

The Emergency Spill Kits for Leakage is Also Called the Anti Spill Kit, Oil Spill Cleaning Kit, Chemical Protection Kit, Chemical Spill Emergency Kit, Etc

Spill Response Kits is Mainly the Emergency Materials for Liquid Leakage Cleaning, Which Can Deal with Various Leakage Stoppages, and is Simple, Easy to Operate and Effective. Through Many Years of On-site Operations by Enterprises, Warehouses, Laboratories, Institutions, Etc., It Has Been Proved That Spill Kit is Very Convenient, Efficient, Material Saving, Time Saving, Labor Saving, and Does Not Produce Secondary Pollution After ......

Spill Containment Pallet​​​​​​​

Spill Containment Pallet It Has the Characteristics of Solid Structure, Forklift Operation, Anti-skid and Stacking Storage.

Spill Pallet It is Very Simple to Use, and the Effect of Preventing Oil and Chemical Leakage is Also Very Significant, Which is Economical and Practical. Spill Containment Pallet It is Very Suitable for Metal Processing Plants, Mechanical Processing Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Semiconductor Electronics Plants, Solar Cell Plants, Paint Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Logistics Centers, Docks, Waste Disposal Centers and Other Occasions.

Oil Containment Boom​​​​​​​

Oil Containment Boom is a Kind of Equipment Used to Enclose Oil and Dirt on Water Surface with Underwater Floating Body with Skirt to Prevent Their Diffusion.

The Oil Containment Boom Can Float Stably on the Water Surface to Prevent the Spread of Oil Spill, Reduce the Area of Oil Spill, Transfer Oil Spill and Floating Objects, and Protect the Water Environment. There Are Many Types of Oil Booms with Different Forms. but the Basic Structure is Composed of Floating Body, Skirt, Tension Belt, Counterweight and Connector.

Chemical Absorbent​​​​​​​

Chemical Absorbent Material Can Resist Strong Acids and Alkalis After Being Treated with Special Process After Adding Surfactant.

The Chemical Adsorption Material Can Absorb All Kinds of Acidic (including Hydrofluoric Acid), Alkaline Hazardous Chemicals and Corrosive Liquids. Chemical Absorbent Materials Are the Most Commonly Used Items for Disposal of Leaked Materials After Oil and Chemical Spills.

Universal Absorbent

The Universal Absorbent Material is a Polypropylene Non-woven Fabric Treated with Surface Activation Treatment Agent.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Universal Adsorption Material Can Recover 72% of the Leakage Liquid After Extrusion. Universal Sorbent Material is Suitable for Oil, Water, Coolant, Solvent, Pigment, Dye and Other Unknown Liquids. the Internal Filler is Polypropylene with Surface Activation Treatment, So It Can Absorb Non Petroleum Liquids (versatile). General Sorbent Material is Specially Used for Non Hazardous Liquid Leakage Treatment Such As Oil, Water, Coolant and Solvent. 

Spill Containment Berm

Spill Containment Berm is Made of Polymer Materials. Oil Spill Containment Berm Can Prevent Liquid Overflow and Diffusion During Liquid Operation. Spill Berm is Also a Necessary Product to Prevent Oil Leakage and Clean Up Oil Leakage.

Spill Containment Berm has light self weight and is convenient for transportation and storage.Oil Spill Containment Berm has good oil resistance and water resistance, which is conducive to environmental protection and resource recovery.spill control berm is wear-resistant, sun resistant, reusable, pollution-proof, easy to clean, long service life, high strength and tear resistance.Spill Berm is resistant to tension, puncture, low temperature, ultraviolet ......

Absorbent Surgical Floor Mats​​​​​​​

Helps Operating Room , Sterile Processing Department , or Scrub Sink Floors Clean , Dry and Safe from Slips , Falls and Contaminants.​​​​​​​

Safety Absorbent Mats is the First Line of Against Injuries and the Spread of Infection. the Top Layer is Embedded with a Fluid-absorbing Polymer That Keeps Fluid in the Mat, Not on the Floor. the Second Layer is a Liquid-proof Poly Barrier That Acts As a Secondary Measure of Fluid Retention, and It is Pe Non-slip Film.

Industrial Wipe Paper​​​​​​​

Industrial Wipe Paper Has Strong Water Absorption Capacity and Can Effectively Remove Oil Stains.

The Industrial Wiper Paper is Cleaned in a 100 Level Purification Room, Sliced, and then Packaged. It is Widely Used in Electronic, Computer, Optical and Other Industries.industrial Wiper Paper is Mainly Used for Mechanical Assembly and Maintenance, Car Wiping and Maintenance, Painting, Screen Printing, Etc.industrial Cleaning Paper Can Also Be Used for Oil Pollution Treatment, Ship and Aircraft Cabin Maintenance, Printing Ink Cleaning, Smt Production Line, Semiconductor Assembly Production Line, Optical Products, Pbc Products, Mobile Phone Production Line, Medical Equipment, Laboratory, Dust-free Workshop, Etc.

Oil Skimmer​​​​​​​

Boat Oil Skimmer is Suitable for Recovering Spilled Oil of Various Viscosities

Oil Disc Skimmer Can Recover Flowing Oil, Especially Suitable for Medium and Low Viscosity Oil.
The Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer Oil Collector Contains Less Free Water.  
The Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer is Compact in Structure, Small in Volume and Light in Weight. the Skimmer Can Be Manually Carried into the Site,the Power is
Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer is Applicable to the Recovery of Spilled Oil from Rivers, Lakes and Docks and the Recovery of Floating Oil from Factory Sewage.

Silt Curtain

PVC Silt Curtain is a Simple, Quick and Efficient Water Environment Protection Product.​​​​​​​

It is Mainly Used in Scientific Research and Water Engineering, Such As Pollution Control of Rivers, Lakes and Seas, Water Body Restoration, Aquatic System Reconstruction, Harbor Dredging, Blow-fill Construction, Reservoir Silting, Algae Diversion and Protection, Etc. 

Car Containment Mat

The Garage Containment Mat is Made of High-quality Polyester Fiber, and the Surface is Coated with PVC Cloth, Which Has Good Strength and Long Service Life.

The Garage Containment Mat is Made of High-density Woven Base Cloth and Double-sided Waterproof Coating, Which Can Instantly Gather Water Drops in Case of Water, and Can Store Water As a Pool. the Floor Containment Mat Are UV Resistant, Oil Resistant, Mold Resistant, Acid Resistant and Corrosion Resistant. the Protective Edges of All Household Car Water Containment Mat Are Made of Closed Cell Foam Material, Which Will Not Absorb Moisture. 

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