Spill Prevention&Control
Water Surface Cleaning
Spill Prevention&Control
Water Surface Cleaning
Oil Absorbent


 Only absorb oil, not water. Absorb oil or oil-based liquid only,engine oil,hydraulic oil,gasoline,diesel,kerosene, ect.
●After fully absorbing,keep floating always.
●Recycle about 80% oil after fully absorbing,and reuse it.
●Burning after using,ash≤0.02%.
●It has strong oil absorption capacity.Water Surface Cleaning

Chemical Absorbent​​​​​​​
Absort strong acid,strong base,solidifying liguid and other unknow liquid.Such as:hudrochloric acid,phosphoric acid,98% vitriol ,30% sodium hydroxide,hydrofluoric acid, ect.
●Clean the chemical and other hazardous liquid,apply to any chemical or hazardous liquid.
●Burning after using,ash≤0.02%.
Spill Response Kits

Accidents may happen at any time. In case of emergency, portable emergency antifouling Spill Response Kits is the best choice.


●In case of emergency, Spill Response Kits is easy to take and use.

●Spill Response Kits is applicable to various places where small-scale liquid leakage accidents may occur, such as oil tank trucks, gas stations, workshops and warehouses.

●Various accessories in Spill Response Kits can be changed according to the actual use.

Universal Absorbent​​​​​​​
Absorb oil,refrigerant,water any liquid, such as:gasoline,hydraulic oil,vegetable oil, antifreezing solution,acetone,xylene, ect.
●It will absorb any liquid.
●Burning after using,ash≤0.02%.
Float Oil Boom​​​​​​​

Oil Spill Containment.
●It has bright color, beautiful appearance, oil resistance, sunlight resistance,large buoyancy reserve and good oil retention performance.
●The upper, middle and lower parts of the fence body are respectively provided with pulling rope, reinforcing belt and tension counterweight chain, which are used as the longitudinal force components and have high tensile performance. Smooth appearance, easy to guide oil, easy to clean.
●Every 20 meters, the connection between sections is convenient and fast.

Spill Containment Berm
Spill Containment Berm is made of polymer materials. Spill Containment Berm can prevent liquid overflow and diffusion during liquid operation. Spill Containment Berm is also a necessary product to prevent oil leakage and clean up oil leakage.
● Spill Containment Berm has light self weight and is convenient for transportation and storage.
● Spill Containment Berm has good oil resistance and water resistance, which is conducive to environmental protection and resource recovery.
● Spill Containment Berm is wear-resistant, sun resistant, reusable, pollution-proof, easy to clean, long service life, high strength and tear resistance.
● Spill Containment Berm is resistant to tension, puncture, low temperature, ultraviolet and weak acid-base corrosion.
Spill Containment Pallet

The Spill Containment Pallet is a polyethylene leakage holding tray which can control leakage and has its own leakage holding tank.
●Material: the Spill Containment Pallet is made of 100% durable high-density polyethylene.
●Production process: the Spill Containment Pallet adopts rotational molding process, seamless structure design, and the leak proof structure 100% passes the test. The tray can avoid leakage.
●Color: Yellow / custom.
●Cpecification: There are many existing specifications for Spill Containment Pallet according to the place of use and function. Support customization according to requirements.

Spill Containment Tray

● Spill Containment Tray can be used to store oily tools and messy accessories.

● Spill Containment Tray are made of durable polypropylene.

● Spill Containment Tray is resistant to oil, acid, alkali and other liquids, and the Spill Containment Tray can effectively prevent liquid leakage.

● Spill Containment Tray is easy to clean and reusable.

● Spill Containment Tray can be used in machinery workshop, automobile maintenance, laboratory and other factory places with harmful liquid leakage.

● Spill Containment Tray can also be used as a battery box.

●Support color and specification customization.

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