Suzhou Hopetopway New Material Co., Ltd. has been engaged in safetyprot products for many years. Hopetopway has a strong R&D team. Hopetopway also has modern factories with multiple production lines. And a large number of meticulous quality control personnel. Hopetopway has passed SGS, BV and ISO9001 certification. Provide global customers with high-quality safetyprot products. Our goal is: Safetyprot Is Hopetopway.

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Company FAQ

  • Q How to dispose of hazmat materials?

    A With the development of industry, more and more dangerous wastes are discharged in the industrial production process, and the treatment methods of industrial dangerous goods are worth paying attention to. There are many kinds of pollutants in the industrial liquid wastes, and it is difficult to clean them through a simple one-step procedure. The effluent can be treated in multiple stages to meet the requirements of industrial reuse and municipal water supply, or through the integrated operation of many treatment units to meet the requirements of discharge. But first of all, the internal digestion can be controlled as far as possible in the production area reuse, reduce the discharge. Commonly used chemical treatment is the use of chemical methods to destroy the harmful components in the waste, so as to achieve harmlessness, or change it into a form suitable for further treatment and disposal. The aim is to change the chemical properties of the treated substance so as to reduce its harmfulness. Appropriate personal protective equipment (such as protective glasses, gloves and lab coat) and Hopetopway chemical absorbent pad must be prepared when handling chemical waste solution. If chemical liquid leakage happens accidentally, you can use chemical absorbent pads for emergency treatment.
  • Q What chemical spill in new Amsterdam?

    A There have been no immediate reports of a chemical spill in New Amsterdam. But on May 6, 2017, a container containing chemical liquids leaked southeast of the Indian capital, Injuring at least 487 people, including more than 200 students who were hospitalized with eye and throat irritation. And in 2014, a chemical gas leak at a large steel plant in The Indian state of Chhattisgarh killed six workers. Chemical leakage events often happen, if the enterprise has enough safety awareness, with the use of chemical absorbent pad when dealing with chemical liquid leakage, accident casualties should be reduced. Hopetopway chemical absorbent pads are specially designed for a variety of working environments and different leaking fluids to provide a guaranteed chemical spill kit for spills that may exist in your workplace.


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