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FB600 Floating Barrier Buoys

Product Advantages:
1. Anti Freezing and Anti Purple Lines of Trash Trap Buoy.
2. The Trash Trap Buoy Shall Not Be Eroded by Seawater, Chemicals, Oil Stains and Aquatic Organisms;
3. The Barrel of the Waste Trap Buoys is Stable, Simple, Fast and Flexible to Assemble; Durable and Buoyant. It Has Good Weather Resistance and Impact Resistance
Buoyancy (f):
  • FB600


Product Application Scenario:

The Waste Trap Buoys are widely used in floating bridges, yacht terminals, water parks, landscape floating platforms, aquatic plants and garbage interception, warning floating discharge, water quality detection, etc.

1. Anti corrosion, anti freezing, anti-oxidation, anti purple line of the dredge pipe buoy, and it is not corroded by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms;

2. The dredge floats Buoy has strong bearing capacity, stable and durable body, and large buoyancy;

3. No maintenance and repair costs are required for the dredge floats Buoy; The products involve many industries, and are widely used in Internet of Things technology, ports and wharves, rivers, reservoirs and lakes, transportation facilities, marine buoys, mooring buoys, warning buoys, river trash arresting buoys, pipeline sand pumping and dredging buoys, water quality monitoring buoys, oil booms, trash traps, trash racks, and water surface debris removal machinery.

Scope of Application:

1) dredge floats Buoy wharf and ship fender;

2) The Waste Trap Buoys is suitable for gravity type and dun type wharves, especially those with large tidal range;

3) The dredge Floating Buoy is especially suitable for the fender of the ship berthing, and the floating fender is more adaptable;

4) The dredge pipe buoy serves as the pier fender to protect the piers and ships from damage;

5) As a necessary spare part of wharf protection equipment, the dredge pipe buoy has flexible emergency function;

6) The Trash Trap Buoy is applicable to the berthing of naval special ships to ensure berthing;

7) When the type floating fender is adopted for the dredge Floating Buoy, the berthing depth of the ship can be increased, and the purpose of upgrading the wharf can be achieved;

8) The dredge Floating Buoy can be used alone or can form a protection system with other protective devices to protect the piers and ships.

The Trash Barrier Floats are fixed on the water to form a diversified trash arresting scheme, which can not only effectively contain garbage, but also develop trash arresting and floating guides according to the flow direction, flow rate, site environment and other factors. The Trash Barrier Floats eliminate the trouble of manual cleaning and maintenance, save the investment of human resources, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

细节图 汇总

Model Dimensions(mm) Colour Buoyancy (f) Material Function
FB200 200*1000 Orange, Yellow 220 LLDPE 1.Engineering Dredging
2.Mud Pumping Dredging
3.Water Supply Transportation
4.Port Dredging
5.Intercept Garbage and Water Plants
FB400 400*1000 Orange, Yellow 220 LLDPE
FB600 600*1000 Orange, Yellow 230 LLDPE



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