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FSC1400 PVC Silt Curtain

Floating Silt Screens is mainly used in scientific research or water engineering such as pollution control of rivers and lakes, water body repair, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, blow-filling, algae diversion and retention, etc.
  • FSC1400


PVC silt curtain is a simple, quick and efficient water environment protection product. It is mainly used in scientific research and water engineering, such as pollution control of rivers, lakes and seas, water body restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, harbor dredging, blow-fill construction, reservoir silting, algae diversion and protection, etc. In scientific research subjects such as water body restoration, aquatic system reconstruction and algae control, the turbidity silt curtain can be used to divide and enclose the water body arbitrarily to prevent cyanobacteria and other pollutants, and carry out scientific experiments on water blooms, organisms, plants, algae and other aspects in the enclosed water area. PVC Containment Boom is used in dredging works of reservoirs and lakes to separate the working area from the non-working area, so that sludge, floating matter and suspended matter produced during the operation are not diffused and the non-working area can be effectively protected.


1. The PVC Containment Boom has high strength, good wave multiplication and stability. Water flow can pass through the cloth curtain and turbidity is not easy to penetrate. The anti-pollution effect can reach 90%. The construction work is simple and fast.

2. The length, skirt height and size of each section of water turbidity curtain shall be determined according to the actual conditions such as depth, velocity, wave height and wind force of the actual water area of the user.

3. Floating PVC Boom is a device to prevent pollution caused by flooding of seabed sediment during large-area replacement of seawater sediment in reclamation, port construction and other projects. The main means of preventing and controlling sediment pollution is to prevent large area spread of sediment. Placing 屏is an effective means to prevent and control the spread of seabed sediment in the world at present. It is specially developed for water sports venues to prevent and reduce the impact of waves on the track caused by external interference.

4.The float of the Floating PVC Boom can be selected as a single combination or flexible float in one.

5. The Permanent Fence Boom has bright color, good appearance, oil resistance, sun resistance, large buoyancy reserve and strong oil retention.

6.The Flaoting Fence mainly uses PVC double-sided high-strength waterproof cloth. The upper, middle and lower hurdles have ropes, reinforcement belts and tension weighting chains as longitudinal stress members, which have high tensile properties. Smooth appearance, conducive to oil conduction, easy to clean.

7. The price and performance of the Oil Containment Fence are better.


Model FSC1400 FSC2400 FSC3400 FSC4400
Total height(mm) 1400 2400 3400 4400
Freeboard(mm) 280 280 280 280
Draft(mm) 1000 2000 3000 4000
Standard section length(m) 20
Chain Dia(mm) 10
Tensile Strength(kn) Customized According to Requirements
Conditions of Use Current Speed(kn) 1 1 1 1
Wind Spee(m/s) 15 15 15 15
Temperature℃ 20-50







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