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How long does expanding foam keep expanding?

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Oil containment boom is a kind of equipment that collects oil and dirt on the water surface by floating body with skirt to prevent their diffusion. Portable oil booms are commonly used to prevent the spread of oil pollution in oil spill accidents at sea and ports. It is composed of inflatable floating body, skirt, tension belt, counterweight chain and anchor parts. It is fixed around the oily water surface that needs to be fenced with anchors. It can be divided into marine type, offshore type and port type according to the use area, and has corresponding different technical data.

Here is the contene list:  

lHow to use oil containment boom in oil spill accidents?

lHow to use and maintain the oil containment boom?

lHow to link the oil containment boom?

lWhat are the main functions of oil containment boom?

How to use oil booms in oil containment boom?

In case of oil spill in the sea and port, the pvc oil fence can be arranged on the shore or on the ship, fixed with anchors to intercept the oil spilled, and then use oil collection or oil absorption felt and other oil absorption equipment to recover and remove the oil spill pollution.

How to use and maintain the oil containment boom

The storage and maintenance of oil containment booms are directly related to whether the rapid oil spill emergency response can be carried out and the containment operation can be effectively implemented. In order to ensure rapid response, the storage place of the Rubber silt curtain  Rubber silt curtain shall be as close as possible to the wharf, operation point and sensitive resource protection area, and ensure that the storage place of the floating boom is convenient for vehicles and ships. The oil containment fence stored outdoors shall ensure that the storage place is well drained, and pay attention to insect pests, moisture and direct sunlight; When stored indoors, pay attention to moisture and ensure good ventilation conditions. Take necessary measures to prevent pests (such as spraying rodenticide) in advance according to the situation; The oil booms that need to be folded and stored shall be placed on the shelf and other items shall not be stacked on it to avoid deformation of the pvc boom caused by excessive pressure. The stacked oil containment boom shall be regularly unfolded and inspected. The original folding marks shall be avoided during refolding; If it is necessary to store the oil containment boom on the reels, the pvc silt curtain shall be prevented from being twisted during the winding process, and the wrapped pvc silt curtain shall be regularly unfolded and recycled after inspection. The maintenance of the pvc oil boom mainly refers to the daily maintenance and the maintenance after the recovery operation. The maintenance after the recovery operation is mainly to check whether the pvc oil boom is damaged, whether the accessories are complete or whether it needs to be replaced and repaired; Routine maintenance generally check whether the Rubber silt curtain is worn, broken, fiber aging, connector corrosion or damaged due to pulling and other loading and unloading reasons, and carry out necessary repair and replacement; The Rubberc oil fence that have been placed in the water area for a long time should also be regularly maintained. Generally, the pvc silt curtain should be pulled ashore regularly according to the specific conditions to remove the marine organisms and other adherents attached to the surface of the pvc silt curtain; No matter what kind of maintenance and service is carried out, detailed records shall be made and inspection and maintenance items shall be arranged according to the records, so as to ensure that all contents involved in the oil boom can be inspected and maintained in a general way within a certain period of time, so that the Rubberc oil fence is always in a good standby state.

How to link the oil containment boom?

Step1:  connect is to extend the two foam and align the joint plate.

Step 2: connect is to overlap and align the joint plates of two foam alternately.

Step 3: connect two oil containment boom through the joint plate hole with connecting rope.

Step 4: connect the connecting rope of the pvc oil boom.

Step 5: connect the reinforcing belt in the middle of the oil containment fence with shackles.

Step 6: connect the oil containment fence with shackles and connect the counterweight bar of the pvc silt curtain with shackles.

What are the main functions of oil containment boom?

The functions of oil containment booms can be summarized as follows: containment and concentration, oil spill diversion and prevention of potential oil spill.

lContainment and concentration of oil spill.

After an oil spill accident, the oil spill will quickly diffuse and drift under the influence of tidal current, wind and other external factors, forming a large pollution area. In case of oil spill in open waters, near shore waters or ports, oil containment booms shall be arranged in time to timely control the oil spill in the process of diffusion. The oil film can be collected in a small area for recycling by dragging or narrowing the enclosing range of the oil containment booms, which can not only prevent the oil spill from spreading, but also increase the thickness of the oil film for recycling or other treatment.

lOil spill diversion.

After the oil spill accident, under the influence of external factors, the spilled oil will drift and diffuse at will. In order to facilitate the recovery operation or to divert the spilled oil to the designated place, especially in the river or near shore area with rapid water flow, in order to effectively control the flow direction of the spilled oil for recovery or to prevent the spilled oil from entering the sensitive area, the oil containment boom is usually used to set the external defense according to the set angle. There are generally two situations for oil spill diversion. One is the long-term arrangement of oil containment boom, which are generally arranged at water intakes and power plants; The other is to arrange oil containment booms near the reef, mainly to temporarily arrange oil containment booms according to the specific situation when oil spills occur, so as to realize the diversion of oil spills and lead the oil spills to areas that are easy to recover or other non sensitive resources.

lPrevent potential oil spill.

Prevention of potential oil spill usually refers to the placement of oil containment booms in advance for oil spill prevention and control according to the local water conditions in places where oil spill may occur or there is oil spill risk. In this way, when oil spills really occur, it can prevent the spread of oil spills, take recovery measures, and timely recover the oil spills in the containment. When the ship is carrying out oil loading and unloading operations at the wharf or oil transfer at the anchorage, it is usually required to arrange oil containment booms in advance according to the specified requirements for control; Sometimes, the stranded and sunken ships should be properly enclosed and controlled according to the actual situation before being salvaged.

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