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HydroThread Ceramic Fabric Protector

Ceramic Coatings for Your Fabrics - HydroThread brings long-lasting ceramic HydroTechnology to carpets, seats, fabric convertible tops, chairs and more! Perfect for car, home, work and your interior and exterior! Extremely Hydrophobic Water Beading - HydroThread forms a superhydrophobic SiO2 barrier that allows liquid to bead up and hover over the surface without penetrating the fibers below, so the liquid rolls off the surface and protects your fabrics! SiO2 formula protects against fresh spills and stains - HydroThread's unique SiO2 formula bonds to individual fibers, providing superior hydrophobic properties, allowing liquids to roll off surfaces without penetrating, so you can prevent spills and stains! Lasting Protection Against UV Fading - Helps your fabrics retain their original color and prevent fading and discoloration with Hydrothread! This ceramic protector helps protect against harmful UV sun rays, but does not guarantee the feel of the fabric. EASY TO USE FORMULA ANYONE CAN USE - HydroThread's thin viscosity formula is super easy to apply and protects and prolongs the look or feel of the surface it treats! Just spray, get into fibers, and wipe for lasting protection! MAKES CLEANING EASIER - The fabric is treated to have extremely low surface tension, making the surface super easy to clean if you're spilling! Just grab a clean one and wipe the spilled liquid away before it has a chance to get dirty.
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