Suzhou Hopetopway New Material Co., Ltd. has been engaged in safetyprot products for many years. Hopetopway has a strong R&D team. Hopetopway also has modern factories with multiple production lines. And a large number of meticulous quality control personnel. Hopetopway has passed SGS, BV and ISO9001 certification. Provide global customers with high-quality safetyprot products. Our goal is: Safetyprot Is Hopetopway.

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Product FAQ

  • Q How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

    A * We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.
    * We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.
  • Q How do we guarantee product quality?

    A *Material & Production inspection: Our Q/C will inspect all production procedures and production reports will be issued and sent to you.
    *Shipment advice will be sent to customers with loading photos.
  • Q How can we get samples?

    A * Free samples of most products can be offered,with shipping and taxes paid by the buyer
    * Samples fee will be charged if produced by new customiezed module and refund after first order.
    * Hopetopway gets good discount from Fedex, DHL or EMS couriers to save your freight cost.
  • Q Can you produce according to the samples?

    A Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
  • Q How about your delivery time?

    A Generally, it will take 30 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.
  • Q What is your terms of delivery?

  • Q What is your terms of payment?

    A T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We''ll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.
  • Q What is your terms of packing?

    A Generally, we pack our goods in clear PE bag. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • Q Why did you choose your company?

    A * OEM & ODM are welcome.
    * We can provide the accessories at the same time.
    * Free samples if quantity less than 2 sets.
    * 100% QC inspection Before Shippment.
  • Q What is the working principle of the oil harvester?

    A Brush Oil Skimmer is a mechanical oil spill recovery equipment on water surface. It uses the continuous rotation of the rotary table in the vertical semi immersed liquid to adhere the spilled oil on the rotary table and bring it out of the water surface. Then it scrapes the oil off the rotary table with the oil scraper above the rotary table, flows into the oil sump, and is pumped away to recover the oil.
  • Q How should the oil boom be used?

    A When the oil containment boom is put into the water from the shore or ship, the tug shall cooperate or the ship shall ride against the current, and it shall be put into the water section by section to avoid disturbance. The oil containment boom shall be sorted out before being put into operation without twisting. Pay attention to the direction when putting in and do not twist after dropping, otherwise it is difficult to straighten it in the water.
    When throwing or recovering the oil containment boom into the water, the oil containment boom is easy to be damaged by the shore and ship. For example, it is safe and labor-saving to put it in the convex corner with rollers and chutes.
  • Q What are the advantages of oil spill kits?

    A Compared with the existing oil spill kit on the market, our enhanced oil spill kit is fully converted to the new PVC waterproof, thickened and puncture resistant yellow outsourcing. It is equipped with oil absorbing pad, oil absorbing booms, oil absorbing pillow and other oil absorbing products. The oil spill kit is especially suitable for cleaning up surface oil spills. Not only because the product is easy to carry, simple operation, more importantly, the thickened and punct-resistant yellow outsourcing material thick and wear-resistant, high-frequency seamless welding, waterproof performance, light weight, easy to carry, surface operation workers encounter sudden falling water can also be used as floating lifesaving supplies. Better guarantee personal safety.
  • Q How to deal with oil absorbent pad?

    A Use them as energy. Called "waste-to-energy," you can use these materials for energy purposes in the form of electricity and/or heat. It uses waste as a fuel source. Oil absorbents can better convert waste into energy because they are likely to contain oil-based products. Waste-to-electricity is popular in Europe, but not in America. It works by burning waste and sending that energy into the grid, where it is distributed to local homes and businesses. It can be used for heating hot water and for steam conversion, and industry uses it in its industrial processes. Conversion of waste to energy reduces waste volumes by about 90%. However, the major drawback and minor problem in the United States is that this pad treatment releases dangerous emissions into the air, such as heavy metals, dioxins and acid gases, as well as fine particulate matter. Waste from combustion also has a management process, such as ash that must be disposed of.
  • Q What is the structure of oil boom

    A the equipment that can float stably on the water surface, which is used to prevent the spread of oil spills in the water area, reduce the area of oil spills, transfer oil spills and floating objects, and protect the water environment is called pvc oil fence. There are many kinds and forms of pvc silt curtain. But the basic structure is composed of floating body, skirt, tension belt, counterweight and joint.
    floating body of Rubber oil boom: the part that provides buoyancy for the Rubberc oil fence. Its function is to use air or buoyant materials to provide buoyancy for the oil boom, so that the floating boom can float on the water. The floating body can be placed inside or outside the surface of the Rubber silt curtain.
    skirt of oil containment fence: refers to the continuous part of the floating boom below the floating body. Its function is to prevent or reduce the escape of oil from under the Rubberc oil fence.
    oil containment tension belt: refers to long belt components (chains, belts) that can withstand the horizontal tension applied to the Rubber silt curtain. It is mainly used to bear the tension generated by wind, waves, currents and towing.
    counterweight of pvc oil boom: ballast that enables the pvc silt curtain to sag and improve the performance of the floating boom, which can make the oil boom in an ideal state in the water. Generally, it is made of steel or lead, or water is used as ballast.
    Joint of oil boom: it is permanently attached to the oil containment fence and is used to connect each oil boom or other auxiliary facilities.
  • Q Other related products of oil-absorbing pad.

    A Hopetopway oil absorbent products come in many forms, including sheet oil absorbent, rope-shaped oil absorbent socks, roll-shaped oil absorbent rolls, pillow-shaped oil absorbent pillows and so on.
    1) Oil absorbing mat: suitable for small area of leakage treatment, can be directly placed on the surface of the absorbent pad. Leakage liquid will be quickly adsorbed, safe and convenient.
    2) Oil suction roll: suitable for indoor ground leakage treatment, leakage occurs when the operator can directly spread on the ground for adsorption. In addition, because the oil absorbent pad are tear self - fetching type, so when necessary can also replace the oil suction sheet for operation.
    3) oil absorption boom: suitable for large area or multi-capacity leakage, oil absorber pad can be first used to delineate the scope of leakage and gradually reduce the scope of leakage. According to the actual leakage area, the appropriate length of adsorption booms should be selected. When delineating, the contact points at both ends of the oil absorption booms should be overlapped to form a strong barrier for leakage.
    4) Oil suction pillow: used alone or with oil absorber boom. When used, the operator can directly put the oil suction pillow on the leaking oil in a large area (or after the scope of the oil absorbent booms has been defined), and directly and quickly adsorb the leaking oil.
  • Q How to use the Chemical Spill Kit?

    A ● Absorbent pad products are usually chemical absorbent cotton, chemical absorbent socks, chemical absorbent rolls, chemical absorbent pillow.
    Chemical absorbent pad: suitable for small area of leakage treatment, can be directly put on the surface of the liquid. Leakage liquid will be quickly adsorbed, safe and convenient.
    Chemical absorbent rool: suitable for indoor ground leakage treatment, leakage occurs when the operator can directly spread on the ground for adsorption. In addition, because the absorbent roll is tear self - fetching type, so when necessary can also replace the chemical absorbent pad operation.
    Chemical absorbent boom: suitable for large area or multi-capacity leakage, can first use chemical suction socks to delineate the leakage range and gradually reduce the leakage range. According to the actual leakage area, choose the appropriate length of chemical absorbent boom, to ensure that the contacts at both ends of the cotton strip overlap, forming a strong barrier for leakage.
    ● Chemical absorbent pillow: used alone or with chemical absorbent boom. When used, the operator can directly put the chemical absorbent pillow on the leaking liquid in a large area (or after the scope of the chemical absorbent boom has been delimited), and adsorb the leaking liquid directly and quickly.
  • Q What are the performance characteristics of the oil harvester?

    A Oil Disc Skimmer can recover flowing oil, especially suitable for medium and low viscosity oil.
    The Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer oil collector contains less free water.  
    The Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer is compact in structure, small in volume and light in weight. The skimmer can be manually carried into the site,The power is installed on the four-wheel vehicle, which is convenient for dragging.
    Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer is applicable to the recovery of spilled oil from rivers, lakes and docks and the recovery of floating oil from factory sewage.
  • Q What is anoil absorbent pads?

    A 1. Oil sorbent pads can maximize oil absorption, water repellent, even in rainy weather does not receive impact.
    2. Oil absorbent pads can lock drips and absorb mild spills.
    3. The top and bottom layers of oil absorbent mat are composed of densely woven and small diameter fibers, so the surface area is increased, and the adsorption capacity is more 4. To be strong.
    5. The 3-layer structure of oil-absorbing mats makes the oil-absorbing mat have the characteristics of wear resistance, and the oil-absorbing pad can withstand frequent trampling. Make oil absorbing pad more durable, reduce the number of replacement.
    6. Oil-absorbing pad can increase the tearing line, and can be used according to actual needs.
    7. Color identification of oil sorbent mat helps to intuitively identify the absorbent you need. White oil absorption , white design allows you to easily see whether oil has been absorbed by oil absorb pad.
  • Q What is the principle of oil absorption felt?

    A The oil absorption felt uses the principle of chemical adsorption. The oil absorption felt is made of lipophilic groups, so it has a certain adsorption effect on oily substances, which is a bit similar to exchange resin.
  • Q How should the oil boom be stored and protected?

    A The storage and maintenance of the oil containment boom is directly related to the rapid oil spill emergency response and the effective implementation of containment operations. In order to ensure rapid response, the storage place of the pvc oil fence should be as close to the wharf, operation site and sensitive resource protection area as possible, and ensure that the storage place of the pvc oil fence is convenient for vehicles and ships to enter and leave. The oil fence stored outdoors should ensure that the storage place is well drained, pay attention to pests, moisture-proof, and avoid direct sunlight; When stored indoors, attention should also be paid to moisture resistance and good ventilation conditions, and necessary measures should be taken in advance to prevent pests (such as spreading rodenticide) according to the situation; The floating boom that need to be folded and stored should be placed on the spacer frame and no other items should be stacked on it to avoid the deformation of the oil containment fence caused by excessive pressure, and the stacked oil booms should be regularly inspected, and the original folding trace should be avoided when folding again; If it is necessary to store the pvc oil fence on the reel, avoid distortion of the oil boom during the winding process, and regularly unfold the wrapped pvc silt curtain, and then recycle it after inspection. The maintenance of the pvc silt curtain mainly refers to the daily maintenance and the maintenance after the recovery operation. The maintenance after the recycling operation mainly checks whether the oil containment boom is damaged, whether the accessories are complete or whether it needs to be replaced and repaired; Routine maintenance generally check whether the pvc silt curtain is worn, broken, fiber aging, connector corrosion or damage caused by pulling and other loading and unloading reasons, and carry out necessary maintenance and replacement; The oil containment boom that has been placed in the water area for a long time should also be maintained regularly. Generally, the oil containment boom should be towed ashore regularly according to the specific situation to remove the marine organisms and other adhesion attached to the surface of the floating boom; No matter what kind of maintenance is carried out, it is necessary to make detailed records and arrange the inspection and maintenance items according to the records, so as to ensure that all the contents involved in the oil containment boom can be generally inspected and maintained within a certain period of time, so as to keep the oil containment boom in a good standby state at all times.


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