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What is Sorbent?

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Oil spills can have devastating effects on the environment and wildlife. They occur when oil is released into the ocean, either through accidents or human actions.

There are several causes of oil spills in the ocean. One common cause is accidents involving oil tankers, which can occur due to human error or mechanical failure. Oil drilling operations can also lead to spills if there is a failure in the equipment used to extract oil from the ground. In addition, oil can be released into the ocean through illegal dumping or sabotage of pipelines.

Oil spills can have a range of impacts on the environment and wildlife. The oil can coat the feathers of birds, making it difficult for them to fly and maintain their body temperature. It can also poison fish and other marine animals, affecting the entire ecosystem. In addition, oil spills can damage coastal habitats and the livelihoods of people who depend on them, such as fishermen and tourism operators.

There are several ways to respond to and clean up oil spills. These methods include using oil booms to contain the spill, burning off the oil, and using chemical dispersants to break up the oil into small droplets that can be more easily broken down by natural processes. However, these methods can also have negative impacts on the environment, and it is often difficult to completely remove all of the oil from the water.

Oil spills can be caused by accidents involving oil tankers, oil drilling operations, illegal dumping, and sabotage of pipelines. They can have serious impacts on the environment and wildlife, as well as on the livelihoods of people who depend on coastal resources. While there are methods for cleaning up oil spills, they can also have negative impacts and it is often difficult to completely remove all of the oil from the water.Therefore, we should control the oil leakage in time. When the oil leakage occurs, we can use the oil boom to control and reduce the polluted water area in time. Then use other methods to clean up the oil spill.

Here is the contene list:  

lBasic structure of oil containment boom.

lThe function of oil containment boom.

lStorage and maintenance of oil containment boom.

Basic structure of oil containment boom.

lthe equipment that can float stably on the water surface, which is used to prevent the spread of oil spills in the water area, reduce the area of oil spills, transfer oil spills and floating objects, and protect the water environment is called pvc oil fence. There are many kinds and forms of pvc silt curtain. But the basic structure is composed of floating body, skirt, tension belt, counterweight and joint.

lfloating body of Rubber oil boom: the part that provides buoyancy for the Rubberc oil fence. Its function is to use air or buoyant materials to provide buoyancy for the oil boom, so that the floating boom can float on the water. The floating body can be placed inside or outside the surface of the Rubber silt curtain.

lskirt of oil containment fence: refers to the continuous part of the floating boom below the floating body. Its function is to prevent or reduce the escape of oil from under the Rubberc oil fence.

loil containment tension belt: refers to long belt components (chains, belts) that can withstand the horizontal tension applied to the Rubber silt curtain. It is mainly used to bear the tension generated by wind, waves, currents and towing.

lcounterweight of pvc oil boom: ballast that enables the pvc silt curtain to sag and improve the performance of the floating boom, which can make the oil boom in an ideal state in the water. Generally, it is made of steel or lead, or water is used as ballast.

lJoint of oil boom: it is permanently attached to the oil containment fence and is used to connect each oil boom or other auxiliary facilities.

The function of oil containment boom.

The functions of pvc oil fence can be summarized as follows: containment and concentration, oil spill diversion and prevention of potential oil spill.

lContainment and concentration of oil spills.

After an oil spill accident, the oil spill will rapidly spread and drift under the influence of tide, wind and other external factors, forming a large area of pollution. When oil spills occur in open waters, inshore waters or ports, pvc oil boom should be placed in time to control the spilled oil in diffusion in time. By dragging or narrowing the enclosure range through the opvc silt curtain, the oil film can be gathered to a smaller range for recycling, which can not only prevent the spread of oil spills, but also increase the thickness of oil film for recycling or other treatment.

lOverflow diversion.

After the oil spill accident, under the action of external factors, the oil spill will drift and spread at will. In order to facilitate the recovery operation or to dredge the oil spill flow to the designated place, especially in the area with turbulent river or near shore water flow, in order to effectively control the flow direction of the oil spill for recovery or to prevent the oil from entering the sensitive area, the oil containment fence is usually used to set an external defense according to the set angle. There are generally two situations for oil spill diversion. One is to arrange the floating boom for a long time, which is generally arranged at the water intake and power plant; Another situation is to set up oil containment booms near reefs, mainly when oil spills occur, temporarily set up Rubber oil boom according to the specific situation, so as to realize the diversion of oil spills and lead the oil spills to areas that are easy to recover or other areas of non sensitive resources.

lPrevent potential oil spills.

Preventing potential oil spills usually refers to placing Rubberc oil fence in advance for oil spill prevention and control according to the local water conditions where oil spills may occur or there is an oil spill risk. This can prevent the spread of oil spills when oil spills really occur, and take recovery measures to recover the oil spills in the containment in time. When a ship carries out oil loading and unloading operations at the wharf or oil lightering at the anchorage, it is usually necessary to arrange an pvc silt curtain in advance according to the specified requirements for setting control; Sometimes, a grounded or sunken ship should be properly enclosed and controlled according to the actual situation before it is salvaged.

Storage and maintenance of oil containment boom.

The storage and maintenance of the Rubberc oil fence is directly related to the rapid oil spill emergency response and the effective implementation of containment operations. In order to ensure rapid response, the storage place of the Rubber silt curtain should be as close to the wharf, operation site and sensitive resource protection area as possible, and ensure that the storage place of the oil containment fence is convenient for vehicles and ships to enter and leave. The oil fence stored outdoors should ensure that the storage place is well drained, pay attention to pests, moisture-proof, and avoid direct sunlight; When stored indoors, attention should also be paid to moisture resistance and good ventilation conditions, and necessary measures should be taken in advance to prevent pests (such as spreading rodenticide) according to the situation; The pvc silt curtain that need to be folded and stored should be placed on the spacer frame and no other items should be stacked on it to avoid the deformation of the oil containment boom caused by excessive pressure, and the stacked Rubber pvc silt curtain should be regularly inspected, and the original folding trace should be avoided when folding again; If it is necessary to store the foam on the reel, avoid distortion of the Rubberc oil fence during the winding process, and regularly unfold the wrapped oil boom, and then recycle it after inspection. The maintenance of the oil boom mainly refers to the daily maintenance and the maintenance after the recovery operation. The maintenance after the recycling operation mainly checks whether the floating boom is damaged, whether the accessories are complete or whether it needs to be replaced and repaired; Routine maintenance generally check whether the pvc oil fence is worn, broken, fiber aging, connector corrosion or damage caused by pulling and other loading and unloading reasons, and carry out necessary maintenance and replacement; The oil containment boom that has been placed in the water area for a long time should also be maintained regularly. Generally, the oil containment boom should be towed ashore regularly according to the specific situation to remove the marine organisms and other adhesion attached to the surface of the oil containment boom; No matter what kind of maintenance is carried out, it is necessary to make detailed records and arrange the inspection and maintenance items according to the records, so as to ensure that all the contents involved in the oil boom can be generally inspected and maintained within a certain period of time, so as to keep the oil boom in a good standby state at all times.

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