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What is a Skimmer Weir?

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An oil skimmer weir is a device used to remove floating oil and other contaminants from water surfaces. It works by using a trough or channel to guide the flow of water over a series of tubes or plates that are coated with a material that attracts and absorbs oil. The oil is then collected and removed from the water, leaving behind clean and oil-free water.

There are several types of oil skimmer weirs, including drum skimmers, belt skimmers, and tube skimmers. Drum skimmers use a rotating drum to collect oil from the water surface, while belt skimmers use a belt to collect the oil. Tube skimmers use a series of tubes to absorb the oil and remove it from the water.

Oil skimmer weirs are often used in industrial and marine environments to prevent oil spills and reduce pollution. They are also used in the treatment of wastewater to remove oil and other contaminants before the water is discharged back into the environment.

In addition to their use in industrial and marine settings, oil skimmer weirs are also used in the oil and gas industry to remove oil from tanks, reservoirs, and other containers. This helps to prevent oil spills and reduce the risk of environmental damage.

Overall, oil skimmer weirs are an important tool for the cleanup and prevention of oil spills, as well as the treatment of wastewater. They help to keep our water clean and protect the environment from the harmful effects of oil and other contaminants.

Here is the contene list:  

lWhat are the structural components of the oil receiver

lWhat is the working principle of the oil harvester

lWhat are the performance characteristics of the oil harvester?

What are the structural components of the oil receiver

Oil Disc Skimmer are mainly used for light oil recovery. It uses the rotary table to transport the floating oil on the water surface into the oil sump.Ocean Oil Skimmer is composed of hydraulic power station, skimming head (main machine), hydraulic oil pipe, oil pipe, etc. It can be used to recover spilled oil with different viscosity. Oil Disc Skimmer can be widely used to recover spilled oil from oceans, rivers, pools, etc. The power station of Marine Oil Skimmer is driven by diesel engine or motor to work with hydraulic oil pump and oil transfer pump; The main engine of rotary table type oil receiver is composed of rotary table group, oil collecting tank, floating body, etc. The main engine is floating on the water, and the power station is located on the ship or on the shore.

The skimming head of the Barrel Oil Skimmer floating on the water surface is made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass, stainless steel or marine aluminum alloy, which can be used for oil spill recovery on the water surface. The structure is solid and durable. Floating body foam filling, double buoyancy guarantee. The Barrel Oil Skimmer can recover the flowing spilled oil such as medium low viscosity lubricating oil, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc. The rotary disc type oil receiver can adjust the speed of the disc steplessly according to the situation of the oil spill site to reduce the water content of the recovered oil spill.Oil Spill Skimmer is corrosion resistant, solid and durable in structure, and equipped with light diaphragm pump.

What is the working principle of the oil harvester

Brush Oil Skimmer is a mechanical oil spill recovery equipment on water surface. It uses the continuous rotation of the rotary table in the vertical semi immersed liquid to adhere the spilled oil on the rotary table and bring it out of the water surface. Then it scrapes the oil off the rotary table with the oil scraper above the rotary table, flows into the oil sump, and is pumped away to recover the oil.

What are the performance characteristics of the oil harvester?

lOil Disc Skimmer can recover flowing oil, especially suitable for medium and low viscosity oil.

lThe Oil Spill Recovery Skimmer oil collector contains less free water.  

lThe Oil Spill Recovery Skimmeis compact in structure, small in volume and light in weight. The skimmer can be manually carried into the site,The power is installed on the four-wheel vehicle, which is convenient for dragging.

lOil Spill Recovery Skimmer is applicable to the recovery of spilled oil from rivers, lakes and docks and the recovery of floating oil from factory sewage.

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