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What is done for a chemical spill?

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Chemicals are liquid, and when spilled onto the ground they spread and are difficult to collect and dispose of. To do this, it is necessary to intercept or divert the chemical fluid to a safe location. If liquid leakage occurs in the storage tank area, the water valve should be closed in time to prevent the outflow of materials along the open ditch. For liquid leakage, the use of Hopetopway chemical absorbent pad cover, in order to reduce the evaporation rate of chemical liquid to the atmosphere, can prevent continued inhalation of poison. Chemical absorbing pads can be squeezed dry and reused when handling non-corrosive liquids.

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● What are the advantages of chemical absorbent pad?

● Scope of application of chemical absorbent pad?

● Types of chemical absorbent pad?

● Contact us.

chemical absorbent pad

What are the advantages of chemical absorbent pad?

● Chemical sorbent mat high absorption efficiency, fast speed.

● Chemical absorbing pad is lightweight and compressible.

● Chemical sorbent mats by inert treatment, can resist strong acid and alkali.

● Chemical absorbent pad less damage to machinery or finished products.

● Chemical absorbent pads can be used repeatedly.

● Chemical absorber pad will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Scope of application of chemical absorbent pad?

1、Chemical absorbing pads can be used in laboratory leakage treatment.

2、Chemical absorb pad can be used in factory wastewater treatment, absorption power is about 10 times more than its own weight.

3、Chemical sorbent mats can be used in workbench maintenance.

4、Chemical sorbent pad can be used in chemical leakage, dripping, leakage.

5、Chemical absorb mat can be used in hospital waste liquid treatment.

What kinds of chemical absorbent pad?

Chemical absorbent pad: can be used to wipe, small area bedding on the surface of chemical liquid.

● Chemical absorbent roll: can be cut into various special shapes as required. It can cover a large area and pave a small area.

● Chemical absorbent pillow: used for long time dripping and deep puddle liquid absorption, easy to squeeze dry, suitable for more than suction pad suction volume requirements of the occasion.

● Chemical absorbent sock: used as ground anti-diffusion containment, around the bottom of the equipment to prevent leakage at the source.

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