Chemical Absorbent Series​​​​​​​

Chemical Absorbent Pads, Chemical Absorbent Roll, Chemical Absorbent Booms/Socks,Chemical Absorbent Pillows.​​​​​​​

Chemical absorbent material is generally used for chemical liquid leakage, especially for acidic and corrosive hazardous chemicals, including 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide. After the chemical absorbing material contacts with the irritant or corrosive chemical liquid, the polypropylene material will not decompose, and the bright pink or yellow color is still very eye-catching to prevent misuse and theft. Chemical absorbent material can also absorb petroleum liquids and aqueous solutions.


Name: Chemical absorbent material (also called chemical absorbent cotton)
Color: Yellow, Pink(Support Customization)
Form: Chemical Absorbent Pads, Chemical Absorbent Roll, Chemical Absorbent Booms/Socks,Chemical Absorbent Pillows.
Raw Material: 100% Polypropylene (Inert Material)


1. The absorption capacity of the chemical adsorption material is large (10 to 20 times of its own weight).
2. The absorption rate of the Chemical absorbent material is fast.
3. Chemical absorber material is clean, light and fast.
4. After absorbing the leaked liquid, the chemical absorbing material can be reused after being extruded, saving money.
5. Chemical absorb materials are resistant to chemical reaction (chemical resistance), corrosion, acid and alkali.


The chemical adsorption material can absorb all kinds of acidic (including hydrofluoric acid), alkaline hazardous chemicals and corrosive liquids. Chemical absorbent materials are the most commonly used items for disposal of leaked materials after oil and chemical spills.






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Product Description

Chemical absorbent material can resist strong acids and alkalis after being treated with special process after adding surfactant. Chemical sorbent material is suitable for adsorption of acid, corrosive and other chemical liquids and chemical oils. Chemical absorb material is suitable for leakage treatment of acid, corrosive and other hazardous liquids. Chemical absorber material is usually pink or yellow.

Chemical absorbent materials are suitable for cleaning, containment and prevention of any possible chemical liquid leakage area, including production and manufacturing industry, transportation industry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection bureau, chemical plants, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants (hospitals) and other leakage areas with liquid or places where liquid is wiped on the surface of objects.​​​​​​​
Chemical Absorbent
Chemical Absorbent
The chemical sorbent materials are safe and environmentally friendly, do not deteriorate, and do not support combustion.
The Chemical absorbent material can be incinerated or mixed with fuel for treatment, and only 0.02% of the ash is incinerated at high temperature.
Chemical Absorbent
Chemical Absorbent
Chemical Absorbent
Chemical absorbent materials do not contain dust and abrasive particles, which will not affect the normal operation of equipment and damage expensive equipment.
Chemical absorbent materials have low cost and high effectiveness.
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Oil Absorbent
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