Floating Barrier Buoys

A inner diameter through-hole is reserved in the middle of the plastic Dredge Floating Buoy for later welding as the reserved hole position for connecting pieces. Supporting nylon rope or steel wire rope can be installed for connection and fixation according to the requirements of on-site construction parameters According to the type selection of floating bodies of various sizes on the water, most of them are selected based on the use of water environment and the comprehensive consideration of various factors such as the types of debris and garbage in the upstream. For floating debris and garbage on the water, only a single floating body in series can be used to intercept the garbage on the water, and for the water area with more debris and garbage in the upstream river or underwater branches, It can be considered to hang a trash net on the underwater part for interception and treatment, so as to facilitate the interception of debris and garbage on and under water, achieve the desired effect and meet the environmental needs of on-site use.
Floating Barrier Buoys
Floating Barrier Buoys


Product Name: Dredge Pipe Buoy
Material: LLDPE
Colour: Orange, Yellow
1.Engineering Dredging
2.Mud Pumping Dredging
3.Water Supply Transportation
4.Port Dredging
5.Intercept Garbage and Water Plants


1. Anti freezing and anti purple lines of Trash Trap Buoy.
2. The Trash Trap Buoy shall not be eroded by seawater, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms;
3. The barrel of the Waste Trap Buoys is stable, simple, fast and flexible to assemble; Durable and buoyant. It has good weather resistance and impact resistance


The Trash Trap Buoy is used in various dredging projects, sand pumping projects, port expansion, channel dredging, channel warning and aquatic products
Industry. The anti ageing, anti ultraviolet and other materials of the trash trap pontoon have stable quality, good willfulness, reasonable design and structure, excellent performance, can withstand the changes of conventional natural environment and low temperature attacks, will not pollute water resources, and can be recycled.







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Product Description

The Dredge Floats Buoy is integrally formed without welded joints, fully enclosed, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, impact resistant, and free from leakage and cracking; The product has large buoyancy, and is mainly used for the buoyancy support of river and lake and ocean dredging pipeline. It is a substitute for the tip of the traditional steel pontoon. The specific use, shape, model, specification and size can be customized according to customer requirements. The anti impact performance of the Dredge Floats Buoy is excellent, especially suitable for offshore construction. The floating body of the trash arresting pontoon is light, convenient for installation and handling, and the transportation and transfer cost of the trash arresting pontoon is low. The floating body is corrosion resistant and has a long service life. Applicable to trash arresting floating bucket row.

The Buoyancy Barrier Buoys has the floating performance, and the installation position is not affected by the tidal range. The Trash Trap Buoy does not need to be checked, free of inflation, free of scratches, free of friction, resistant to seawater, acid and alkali, and free of maintenance. The dredge pipe buoy does not explode and has high safety. The dredge pipe buoy has better energy absorption performance and lower reaction performance. The specification can be customized according to the customer's needs, and various colors can be selected. The product is smooth and beautiful. The Trash Barrier Floats with obvious marks is hung by chain. The installation is simple and the movement is convenient. The chain tire net can be freely selected to increase the service life of the fender. The Trash Barrier Floats is easy to install, easy to clean, corrosion resistant, collision resistant, high temperature resistant, freezing resistant, smooth inside and outside, strong shock resistant, and free of algae.
Floating Barrier Buoys
Floating Barrier Buoys
The Floating Barrier Buoys is very suitable for the debris, sludge, garbage or oil in the designated water area. It is necessary to intercept these in a specific area so that they can be effectively collected for later treatment, or for the working area, that is, it is necessary to prevent the impurities in the construction area from spreading to the whole water area. The trash arresting and discharging buoy has a good interception effect on some domestic garbage, crop straws, dead branches and rotten trees, and other aquatic plants, such as water hyacinth, cyanobacteria, etc.​​​​​​​
Floating Barrier Buoys
Floating Barrier Buoys
Floating Barrier Buoys
The dredge Floating Buoy can be used alone or can form a protection system with other protective devices to protect the piers and ships.
The Trash Barrier Floats are fixed on the water to form a diversified trash arresting scheme, which can not only effectively contain garbage, but also develop trash arresting and floating guides according to the flow direction, flow rate, site environment and other factors. The Trash Barrier Floats eliminate the trouble of manual cleaning and maintenance, save the investment of human resources, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs.​​​​​​​
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