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how do oil spill booms work?

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When an oil spill occurs, the first step is to enclose the oil with a pvc oil fence. Some of these oil containment boom are inflatable, and some are made of materials lighter than water. They are generally about 1 meter above the water surface. Some of them "sit" on the waves, and some of them extend a "skirt" of 1 meter underwater. Gather the oil spill containment together to prevent large-scale oil floating, thus increasing the pollution area. After the oil spill is contained in the oil fence, the leaked oil shall be recovered and then treated with oil absorbent felt or oil suction machine.

Here is the contene list:

  • Characteristics of oil containment boom.

  • Basic structure of oil containment boom.

  • Storage and maintenance of oil containment boom.

Characteristics of oil containment boom.

  • Bright color, beautiful appearance, oil resistance, sun resistance, large buoyancy reserve, and strong oil retention performance.

  • PVC double-sided high strength waterproof cloth is mainly used. The upper, middle and lower parts of the boom body are respectively provided with pull ropes, reinforcing belts and tension counterweight chains as the longitudinal stress components, so the oil boom has high tensile performance. The surface is smooth and clean, which is conducive to oil transmission and cleaning.

  • Floating bodies with different shapes can be selected: water drop shape (tumbler shape) is stable in the torrent; Cylindrical with large buoyancy reserve, wave riding; The storage volume of the blocky oil boom is small, and it can be distributed quickly and labor-intensive with the winding machine.

  • Every 20m, the connection between sections is convenient and fast.

Basic structure of oil containment boom.

The equipment that can stably float on the water surface and be used to prevent the spread of oil spill, reduce the area of oil spill, transfer oil spill and floating objects, and protect the water environment is called oil containment boom. There are many types of oil containment fence with different forms. But the basic structure is composed of floating body, skirt, tension belt, counterweight and joint.

Floating body: the part that provides buoyancy for oil boom. Its role is to use air or buoyancy materials to provide buoyancy for the pvc silt curtain, so that the Rubber oil boom can float on the water surface. The floating body can be placed inside or outside the surface of the oil containment boom.

Skirt: refers to the continuous part of the pvc boom below the floating body. Its function is to prevent or reduce the escape of oil from the pvc boom.

Tension belt: refers to a long belt component (chain, belt) that can withstand the horizontal tension applied on the pvc silt curtain. It is mainly used to bear the tension generated by wind, wave, tide and drag.

Counterweight: ballast that can make the oil boom droop and improve its performance. It can make the Rubber silt curtain in an ideal state in the water. It is generally made of steel, lead or water as ballast.

Joint: a device permanently attached to the Rubber silt curtain to connect each section of the oil boom or other auxiliary facilities.

Storage and maintenance of oil containment boom.

The storage and maintenance of the oil containment boom is directly related to the rapid oil spill emergency response and the effective implementation of containment operations. In order to ensure rapid response, the storage location of the oil boom should be as close to the wharf, operation point and sensitive resource protection area as possible, and ensure that the storage location of the pvc silt curtain is convenient for vehicles and ships to enter and exit. For the oil fence stored outdoors, ensure that the storage site is well drained, pay attention to insect pests, moisture-proof, and avoid direct sunlight; When it is stored indoors, it should also pay attention to moisture-proof and ensure good ventilation conditions, and take necessary measures to prevent pests (such as releasing rodenticide) in the storage place according to the situation; The pvc oil boom that needs to be folded for storage shall be placed on the partition frame and no other items shall be stacked on it to avoid deformation of the pvc oil boom due to excessive pressure. The stacked oil containment boom shall be inspected regularly and the original folding trace shall be avoided when it is folded again; If the oil boom needs to be stored on the reel, it should be avoided that the oil boom is twisted during the winding process, and the oil boom should be unfolded regularly and recycled after inspection. The maintenance of the oil boom mainly refers to the daily maintenance and the maintenance after the recovery operation. The maintenance after the recovery operation is mainly to check whether the oil boom is damaged, whether the accessories are complete or whether they need to be replaced and repaired; Daily maintenance: generally check whether the oil boom is worn, cracked, fiber aged, connector corroded or damaged due to pulling and other loading and unloading reasons, and conduct necessary maintenance and replacement; The oil containment fence that has been placed in the water area for a long time should also be maintained regularly. Generally, the oil containment boom should be towed to the shore regularly according to the specific situation to remove the marine organisms and other adhesive substances attached to the surface of the oil containment boom; No matter what kind of maintenance and service is carried out, detailed records shall be made and inspection and maintenance items shall be arranged according to the records to ensure that all the contents involved in the oil boom can be inspected and maintained generally within a certain period of time, so that the oil boom is always in a good standby state.

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