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how to clean oil spill?

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The oil absorbent pads is applicable to the leakage treatment in a small area. The oil absorbent pads can be directly placed on the liquid surface when in use. The leaked liquid will be quickly absorbed, safe and convenient. Oil absorbent cotton roll is suitable for indoor floor leakage treatment. In case of leakage, the operator can directly lay it on the floor for adsorption. In addition, since the oil absorbent cotton rolls are all tear off and take out type, they can also be operated instead of oil absorbent mat when necessary. Oil absorbent cotton is suitable for large area or multi capacity leakage. First, use oil absorbent cotton to delineate the leakage range and gradually reduce the leakage range. According to the actual leakage area, select an oil absorbing cotton sliver of appropriate length, and ensure that the contacts at both ends of the cotton sliver overlap when circling to form a strong barrier for leakage. The oil absorbing cotton pillow shall be used alone or together with the oil absorbing cotton strip. When in use, the operator can directly place the oil absorbent cotton pillow on a large area of leaking liquid (or the liquid that has been enclosed by the oil absorbent cotton strip) to directly and quickly absorb the leaking liquid.

Here is the contene list:   

lIn what fields can oil absorbent pads be used?

lProduction process of oil absorbent pads.

lWhat are the characteristics of the oil absorbent pads?

In what fields can oil absorbent pads be used?

The oil absorbent pads is applicable to the cleaning, containment and prevention of any possible oil and chemical leakage area, including the production and manufacturing industry, transportation industry, petrochemical industry, marine emergency rescue, ports, aviation, public security and fire protection, medical industry, energy and power industry, environmental protection bureau, military, food processing industry and any other places where the leakage liquid needs to be removed.

lThe oil absorbent mat is used in all places where liquid leakage or oil and chemical storage and distribution may occur, including warehouse area, around machines and pipelines, near oil tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, under aircraft, workbench, etc.

loil absorbent mat can be used in automobile, aircraft and train manufacturers, plastic plants, injection molding plants, mold plants, iron and steel plants, mines, machinery plants, metal processing plants, oil refineries, oil companies, shipyards, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper mills, fiber optic plants, cable plants, oil/chemical storage companies, refineries, oil depots, environmental cleaning companies, anti leakage contractors, fire departments, energy and power 

loil sorbent mat can be used in maritime oil spill emergency rescue, ports and docks, coastal defense, shipping ships, fire departments, environmental cleaning companies, emergency centers, laboratories, schools, hospitals, disease control centers, power supply departments, military institutions, municipal water treatment plants, public transport, car repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus, aviation, public security and fire protection

lOther service industries, public and private service industries, are also the main users of absorbent mat. Power supply sector workers, military organizations, municipal water treatment plants, public transport, airport and airline service agencies repair cars.

Production process of oil absorbent pads.

oil absorbent pads is a kind of fiber and non-woven fabric made of inert polypropylene melt blown after special treatment, which can effectively absorb liquid and retain it. The adsorbed products are all wrapped in the polypropylene fiber or non-woven fabric sewn with thread and treated with surface activation treatment agent. The outer cloth is tough and durable, and has the absorbability brought by strong capillary absorption, so as to absorb the leaked liquid to flow to the oil absorbent cotton, effectively preventing the diffusion of the leakage. The product can be reused after being twisted and extruded, and can recover 72% - 90% of the leaked liquid (depending on the manufacturing process and quality of the oil absorbent cotton). This material has the advantages of flame retardancy, no dust generation, no storage time limit, etc. The manufacturing process of oil absorbent mat is to obtain melt blown polypropylene non-woven fabric first, and then make various forms of oil absorbent sheet, oil absorption pillow, oil absorption rod, oil absorption rope and oil absorption fence. The production process of the oil absorbent sheet is: the process of the oil absorbing mat: polypropylene particle feeding --- melt extrusion --- fiber formation --- fiber cooling --- mesh forming on the spinning board --- reinforcement into cloth.

hat are the characteristics of the oil absorbent pads?

lThe oil absorber mat has the characteristics of oil absorption, and its oil absorption amount is 10 to 25 times of its own weight.

lThe oil absorbent sheet can absorb oil quickly, even in minutes.

lThe oil suction piece is buoyant and can be widely used in industrial manufacturing and offshore operations.

lThe oil absorbent mat can be reused, so it can save the company a certain amount of money.

lThe oil absorbent pads is resistant to chemicals, so it is difficult for it to react with other chemicals.

lThe oil absorbent pads will not rot, nor will it become moldy. It is also quite safe when used and will not pollute the environment.

lAfter burning, the oil absorbent pads leaves quite little waste residue, reducing the pollution to the environment.

lThe cost of the oil absorbent pads is very low, but its adsorption capacity is quite high.







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