Industrial Wipe Paper

Industrial Towel Paper

Industrial Wipe Roll
Industrial Cleaning Paper is a wood pulp composite spunlaced nonwovens, which is composed of 55% raw wood pulp and 45% polyester filament, and polyester/viscose fiber compositespunlaced nonwovens. The drum is designed with strong tensile strength, dust-free, scrap-free, high-efficiency water absorption and strong ability to clean oil and dirt. Industrial Towel Paper has high water absorption of natural fibers and high strength and cleanliness of chemical fibers. industrial wiper Paper has super cleaning ability, water absorption, liquid absorption and softness. Industrial Towel Paper has a strong tensile force which can be used with various cleaning solutions.
Industrial Wipe Paper
Industrial Wipe Paper


Product Name: Industrial Wipe Paper
Product Color: Blue, White (customizable)
Product Material: 55% Pulp + 45% Polyester Fiber
1. Standardized Packaging Can Greatly Reduce Storage Costs
2. Point Breaking Processing is Convenient for Tearing Single Pieces
3. The Large Roll Type is Equipped with a Special Holder, Which is More Convenient to Use


1.industrial wipe paper has strong water absorption capacity and can effectively remove oil stains.
2.Industrial Cleaning Paper has good toughness and is degradable
3. The Industrial Cleaning Paper has low dust generation and no chip falling


Industrial wiper Paper is mainly used for mechanical assembly and maintenance, car wiping and maintenance, painting, screen printing, etc.Industrial Cleaning Paper can also be used for oil pollution treatment, ship and aircraft cabin maintenance, printing ink cleaning, SMT production line, semiconductor assembly production line, optical products, PBC products, mobile phone production line, medical equipment, laboratory, dust-free workshop, etc.






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Product Description

Industrial wipe roll is specially designed for electronic factories to remove excess solder paste and red glue from printing machine steel nets, circuit boards and keep them clean, thus greatly reducing scrap rate and greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.Industrial cleaning roll is mainly aimed at chip and microprocessor of semiconductor production line. Semiconductor assembly lines; disc drives, composite materials; lcd display products; line board production line; precision instruments; optical products; aviation industry; pcb products; medical equipment; laboratory; dust-free workshop, etc.

Industrial Wipe Roll Can Be Used with Water and Detergent, Which Has Better Cleaning Effect
Large Roll Ofindustrial Cleaning Roll, Economical and Convenient to Use
Industrial Cleaning Paper Shall Not Leave Any Dust After Wiping;
Industrial Cleaning Paper Shall Ensure High Water and Oil Absorption Capacity;
Industrial Cleaning Paper Has Good Wet Strength and is Not Easy to Be Damaged
Industrial Wipe Paper
Industrial Wipe Paper
The industrial wiper Paper is cleaned in a 100 level purification room, sliced, and then packaged. It is widely used in electronic, computer, optical and other industries.​​​​​​​
Industrial Wipe Paper
Industrial Wipe Paper
Industrial Wipe Paper
The Industrial Wipe Roll Shall Not Damage the Surface of the Sensitive Element.
The Composition of Industrial Wipe Roll Brings About the Effects of High Liquid Absorption and Low Dust Generation.
Industrial Wipe Paper Has Bidirectional High Tensile Strength. Suitable for Wiping Precision Components and Instruments, and Controlling Liquid Splash Pollution in Dust-free Rooms,​​​​​​​
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