Oil Containment Boom​​​​​​​

Floating Body, Skirt, Tension Belt, Counterweight, Connector,Etc​​​​​​​

Floating body: The part that provides buoyancy for oil boom. Its role is to use air or buoyancy materials to provide buoyancy for the oil containment boom, so that the oil containment fence can float on the water surface. The floating body can be placed inside or outside the surface of the floating boom.
Skirt: Refers to the continuous part of the oil fence below the floating body. Its function is to prevent or reduce the escape of oil from the silt curtain.
Tension belt: Refers to a long belt component (chain, belt) that can withstand the horizontal tension applied on the oil containment boom. It is mainly used to bear the tension generated by wind, wave, tide and drag.
Counterweight: Ballast that can make the oil boom droop and improve its performance. It can make the oil containment boom in an ideal state in the water. It is generally made of steel, lead or water as ballast.
Connector: A device permanently attached to the oil boom to connect each section of the oil containment boom or other auxiliary facilities.


Name: oil containment boom
Color: Red, Orange, Black (Support Customization)
Raw Materials: PVC, TPU, Rubber
Product Composition: Floating Body, Skirt, Tension Belt, Counterweight, Connector,Etc


1、Oil containment boom has bright color, beautiful appearance, oil resistance, sunlight resistance,large buoyancy reserve and good oil retention performance.
2、The upper, middle and lower parts of the fence body are respectively provided with pulling rope, reinforcing belt and tension counterweight chain, which are used as the longitudinal force components and have high tensile performance. Smooth appearance, easy to guide oil, easy to clean.
3、Every 20 meters, the connection between sections is convenient and fast.


The oil containment boom can float stably on the water surface to prevent the spread of oil spill, reduce the area of oil spill, transfer oil spill and floating objects, and protect the water environment. There are many types of oil booms with different forms. But the basic structure is composed of floating body, skirt, tension belt, counterweight and connector







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Product Description

Oil containment boom is a kind of equipment used to enclose oil and dirt on water surface with underwater floating body with skirt to prevent their diffusion. Portable containment booms are commonly used to prevent the spread of oil pollution in oil spill accidents at sea and ports. Oil boom is composed of inflatable floating body, skirt, tension band, counterweight chain, anchorage, etc. Oil boom is fixed around the oily water surface that needs to be fenced with anchorage. Oil boom can be divided into marine type, offshore type, port type and other types according to the use area, and has corresponding different technical data.

It is a kind of economical and universal oil containment boom, especially suitable for intercepting and controlling oil spills and other floating objects in coastal calm waters. It can be fixed for a long time. It has been widely used in inland pollutant discharge entrance, river, harbor, lake, offshore oil drilling platform and other waters..​​​​​​​
oil boom
oil boom
The performance indicators of the oil boom generally refer to the freeboard, draft, height, total height, weight, total buoyancy, floating weight ratio and tensile strength of the oil containment boom.
Freeboard: the minimum vertical height above the water line of the oil containment fence. It is used to prevent or reduce spill oil from splashing over the oil fence.
Draft: the minimum vertical depth of the surface layer below the water line of the floating boom.
Height: the sum of freeboard and draft of oil boom.
Total height: the maximum vertical height of the oil boom.
Weight: the total weight of a fully assembled section of the oil boom including the oil containment boom joint.​​​​​​​
oil boom
oil boom
oil boom
Total buoyancy: the weight of fresh water discharged by all submerged people in the oil boom.
Total floating weight ratio: the ratio of the total buoyancy to the total weight of the boom, referred to as the floating weight ratio. The high floating weight ratio indicates that the oil containment boom has a strong ability to recover its floating state after being flooded. This self recovery ability of the oil boom is called wave following property. The higher the floating weight ratio, the stronger the self recovery ability and the better the wave following property.
Tensile strength: the breaking force when the oil containment boom is broken under tension.​​​​​​​
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