Hopetopway Oil Spill Kits
Accidents may happen at any time. In case of emergency, portable emergency antifouling Industrial Oil Spill Kits is the best choice.
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1.Material: 100% polypropylene
2.Color: White
3.Suitable: Apply to land,water surface.
Only absorb oil, not water. Absorb oil or oil-based liquid only,engine oil,hydraulic oil,gasoline,diesel,kerosene ect.

●After fully absorbing,keep floating always.
●Recycle about 80% oil after fully absorbing,and reuse it.
●Burning after using,ash≤0.02%.
●Strong oil absorption capacity.


●In case of emergency, Oil Spill Kits is easy to take and use.
●Oil Spill Kits is applicable to various places where small-scale liquid leakage accidents may occur, such as oil tank trucks, gas stations, workshops and warehouses.
●Various accessories can be changed according to the actual use in Oil Spill Kit for sale.
Difference Between Chemical And Oil Spill Kits
Material:100% polypropylene
Material:100% polypropylene
Standard Color:White
Standard Color:Yellow/Pink
Function:Only Absorb Oil But Not Water
Function:Absort Acid-base, Unknow Liquid, Water
Application:Apply to Land,Water Surface
Application:Apply Chemical Plant,Laboratory ect
Take Mode:Portable oil spill kits(Bag,Wheel Bin,Gallon Bin)
Take Mode:Portable chemical spill kits(Bag,Wheel Bin)
Suppliers:Hopetopway is oil spill kit suppliers and chemical spill kit suppliers
Oil Spill Kits Applications

Offshore Oil Spill Kit

Offshore operations have become very common in the world, such as oil tanker loading and unloading, oil drilling platform and so on. The oil spill from oil tanker loading and unloading and oil drilling platform is a very serious environmental accident, which will cause environmental pollution in the local sea area. When an oil spill occurs, it is necessary to make correct oil spill cleaning in time. Therefore, a sufficient number of oil spill kits will be prepared for oil tanker loading and unloading and oil drilling platform. Hopetopway's offshore oil spill kit is very suitable for handling oil spills after oil tanker loading and unloading and oil drilling platform spills, so as to prevent marine environmental pollution.

Oil Spill Kit For Boat

The boat needs fuel and oil to keep its power and mechanical parts in normal operation. When the boat is in normal navigation, fuel and oil leakage accidents occur from time to time. 


After oil spill, if it is not handled properly, it is easy to send fire or the ship cannot sail normally. 


Before sailing, check all parts of the boat and prepare the oil spill kit. 


Hopetopway's oil spill kit for boat can deal with oil spills during navigation and prevent accidents caused by oil spills.

Oil Spill Kits For Trucks

When loading and unloading oil products, this oil tank truck often leaks oil products. 


At this time, it is necessary to prepare the oil spill kit and protect the oil spill at the place where oil spill may occur before loading and unloading. 


The oil spill kits for trucks of hopetopway can prevent relevant accidents caused by overflow and reduce the occurrence of accidents caused by oil spill.





How To Use Oil Spill Kit
Due to accidental oil spill, it is recommended to follow the oil spill kit usage procedure: 
1. Quickly remove gloves and goggles from the emergency oil spill kits and wear them to protect yourself. 
2. The periphery of the spilled oil shall be enclosed with oil absorbent sock to prevent the spread of the spilled oil. 
3. Use the oil absorbent pillow to absorb most of the spilled oil first. 
4. Use the oil absorbent pad to absorb the remaining spilled oil until there is no spilled oil. 
5. Take out the garbage bag, put all used oil suction ropes, oil suction pillows and oil suction sheets into the garbage bag, and tie the bag mouth. Put the oil spill response kits in a safe place. It shall be handled by a professional waste treatment company.
Hopetopway Oil Spill Kit Service

Oil Spill Kit Usage

Follow the instructions for using the oil spill kit.You can download the package instructions in the website download area.


1 pcs

Distribution Mode

Land Transportation, Sea Transportation And Air Transportation

Oil Spill kit Delivery

500-800 sets / Week

Oil Spill Kit Package

Woven bag, winding film

Quality Control

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Absorbent mat--->150pcs
Absorbent sock--->25pcs
Absorbent pillow--->18pcs
Latex gloves--->8pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->25sets
95gal bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->110pcs
Absorbent sock--->18pcs
Absorbent pillow--->10pcs
Latex gloves--->5pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->15sets
65gal bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->50pcs
Absorbent sock--->8pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 5pcs
Latex gloves--->3pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->10sets
30gal bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->50pcs
Absorbent sock--->5pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 6pcs
Latex gloves--->2pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->5sets
20gal bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->100pcs
Absorbent sock---> 16pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 8pcs
Latex gloves--->5pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->15sets
240L wheel bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->255pcs
Absorbent sock--->40pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 20pcs
Latex gloves--->6pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->20sets
660L mobile bin--->1pcs
Absorbent mat---> 50pcs
Absorbent sock---> 10pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 10pcs
Latex gloves---> 3pairs
Grabage bag&Tie---> 10sets
Goggles---> 2pairs
120L wheel bin --->1pcs
Absorbent mat--->20pcs
Absorbent sock--->2pcs
Absorbent pillow---> 2pcs
Latex gloves--->1pairs
Grabage bag&Tie--->2sets
Kits bag--->1pcs


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