PVC Silt Curtain

During dredging and filling operations, a large amount of sludge turbid water will cause harm to surrounding aquaculture areas, plant belts, etc. By blocking and enclosing the operation with the PVC Float Silt Curtain, the turbidity pollution caused by the operation can be limited to a smaller range, the ecological environment and aquaculture areas can be protected, and the occurrence of group events such as damage claims can be avoided. Protect specific waters. Such as water intake of civil water plant, water intake of power plant and power plant, aquaculture area, aquatic amusement park, mangrove, aquatic experimental plant, seawater bathtub and other sensitive areas are the best choice for pollution prevention, impurities prevention, silt prevention and algae isolation.
PVC Silt Curtain
PVC Silt Curtain


Product Name: PVC Silt Curtain
Product Color: Orange、green (customizable)
The PVC Containment Boom Has High Strength, Good Wave Multiplication and Stability. Water Flow Can Pass Through the Cloth Curtain and Turbidity is Not Easy to Penetrate. the Anti-pollution Effect Can Reach 90%. the Construction Work is Simple and Fast.


Permanent Fence Boom is an auxiliary equipment used in landscape water treatment, natural water body repair and deep sewage treatment. It has the advantages of low construction cost, fast construction speed and convenient management. Because of its special structure, the Flaoting Fence is suitable for new or renovated projects such as artificial lake, artificial river, landscape pool water treatment, natural river, Lake in-situ restoration, treatment of rural centralized sewage oxidation pond water, deep treatment of tail water oxidation pond of sewage treatment plant, etc.


Floating Turbidity Barrier is a safe and effective measure to protect the tap water intake.
Floating Silt Screens is mainly used in scientific research or water engineering such as pollution control of rivers and lakes, water body repair, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, blow-filling, algae diversion and retention, etc. Permanent Fence Boom can effectively reduce the spread, drift and spread of aquatic plants, control the pollution of water body and gradually improve the water quality during the outbreak period of algae in lakes.







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Product Description

The PVC Fence Boom is composed of float, separator and positioning block. The separator is made of antifreeze, antioxidant and corrosion resistant PVC or nylon canvas and geotechnical materials. PVC double-sided coated with high-strength cloth is screen material, which is antifreeze, antioxidant, corrosion-resistant screen with ridges, reinforcement belts and weight chains on the upper, middle and lower sides. It is a longitudinal force element. The float is polystyrene foam and sealed with oil-resistant plastic. The flexible section between the floats ensures the foldability and wave multiplication of the Oil Fence Boom. The lower end of the skirt is wrapped with a weight chain to maintain vertical stability. Ridge rope, reinforcement belt and weight chain are longitudinal force elements. Anchors are provided at both ends and in the middle of the screen to facilitate connection of the anchor ropes when laying down.

Floating PVC Boom is a device to prevent pollution caused by flooding of seabed sediment during large-area replacement of seawater sediment in reclamation, port construction and other projects. The main means of preventing and controlling sediment pollution is to prevent large area spread of sediment. Placing is an effective means to prevent and control the spread of seabed sediment in the world at present. It is specially developed for water sports venues to prevent and reduce the impact of waves on the track caused by external interference.
PVC Silt Curtain
PVC Silt Curtain
The float of the Floating PVC Boom can be selected as a single combination or flexible float in one.
The Permanent Fence Boom has bright color, good appearance, oil resistance, sun resistance, large buoyancy reserve and strong oil retention.
PVC Silt Curtain
PVC Silt Curtain
PVC Silt Curtain
The Flaoting Fence mainly uses PVC double-sided high-strength waterproof cloth. The upper, middle and lower hurdles have ropes, reinforcement belts and tension weighting chains as longitudinal stress members, which have high tensile properties. Smooth appearance, conducive to oil conduction, easy to clean.​​​​​​​
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