Spill Response Kits​​​​​​​

Bag emergency Spill kit, Barrel emergency Spill kit, Gallon barrel emergency Spill kit, Emergency trolley Spill kit​​​​​​​

Accidents always take us by surprise. In order to cope with various situations, we need to prepare more. We provide spill kits for workshops, laboratories, work areas and construction sites. Spill Response Kits has different dimensions and is suitable for temporary storage, transportation and transfer of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances). Spill kit is widely used in secondary packaging, transportation and transfer, and leakage accident treatment.


Name: The emergency Spill Kits for leakage is also called the anti spill kit, oil spill cleaning kit, chemical protection kit, chemical spill emergency kit, etc
Color: Yellow (support customization)
Form: Bag emergency Spill kit, Barrel emergency Spill kit, Gallon barrel emergency Spill kit, Emergency trolley Spill kit


In case of emergency, the spill kits is convenient to take and use.
The Spill Response Kits is applicable to various places where small-scale liquid leakage accidents may occur, such as oil tank trucks, gas stations, workshops and warehouses.
Various accessories in the Spill Response Kits can be changed according to the actual use.


The Spill Response Kit contains various accessories: absorbent boom, absorbent pad and absorbent pillow in a certain proportion. It can be divided into special oil absorbent type (oil and hydrocarbon liquid), universal absorbent (oil, water and general chemical substances) and chemical absorbent type (chemicals, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals). Several pairs of chemical protective gloves. Several chemical proof garbage bags and binding ropes. Several safety glasses. Emergency rescue guide for hazardous chemicals, etc.







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Product Description

Spill Response Kits is mainly the emergency materials for liquid leakage cleaning, which can deal with various leakage stoppages, and is simple, easy to operate and effective. Through many years of on-site operations by enterprises, warehouses, laboratories, institutions, etc., it has been proved that spill kit is very convenient, efficient, material saving, time saving, labor saving, and does not produce secondary pollution after it is reasonably and optimally matched with multi-element accessories.

In case of accidental liquid leakage, the following basic guidelines can be followed:
1. First, quickly take out the gloves and glasses from the spill kits and wear them.
2. At the same time, quickly take out the Absorbent Booms, and connect it in turn to block the oil leakage enclosure, so as to prevent further diffusion and pollution of large areas of the environment;
3. Take out the Absorbent Pillows, place it on the surface of the leaking liquid enclosed, and quickly absorb the leaking liquid with the super adsorption force of the sorbent pillow to reduce the danger caused by volatilization of a large amount of leaking liquid exposed to the working environment for a long time;​​​​​​​
spill kit
spill kit
4. Take out the absorbent pads, and absorb the leaked liquid with the absorbent pillows and the sbasorbent socks;
5. Take out the garbage bag, clean all the used Absorbent Pillows, absorbent pads, Absorbent Booms and other impurities into the garbage bag, tie the bag mouth, put it into the Spill Response Kits package and transport it away, and hand it over to a professional waste disposal company for disposal.
Depending on the amount of leakage and the type of liquid leaked, we have sets of different sizes and different Spill Response Kits.​​​​​​​
spill kit
spill kit
spill kit
The Spill Response Kits is applicable to the cleaning, containment and prevention of any possible oil and chemical leakage area, including production and manufacturing industry, transportation industry, petrochemical industry, marine emergency rescue, ports, fire protection, hydropower stations, energy and power industry, environmental protection bureau, chemical plants, oil fields, petroleum bases and any other places where the leakage of liquid needs to be removed.​​​​​​​
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