Universal Absorbent Series​​​​​​​

Universal Absorbent Pads, Universal Absorbent Roll, Universal Absorbent Booms/Socks, Universal Absorbent Pillows.​​​​​​​

The universal absorbent material is a polypropylene non-woven fabric treated with surface activation treatment agent. The outer layer of the fabric is tough and durable, with strong adsorbability, which makes the absorbed leakage liquid flow to the general absorbent material, effectively preventing the diffusion of leakage. The universal adsorption material can recover 72% of the leakage liquid after extrusion.


Name: Universal absorbent material (also called Universal absorbent cotton)
Color: Grey(Support Customization)
Form: Universal Absorbent Pads, Universal Absorbent Roll, Universal Absorbent Booms/Socks, Universal Absorbent Pillows.


6. The universal sorbent materials are safe and environmentally friendly, do not deteriorate, and do not support combustion.
7. The universal absorbent material can be incinerated or mixed with fuel for treatment, and only 0.02% of the ash is incinerated at high temperature.
8. General absorbent materials do not contain dust and abrasive particles, which will not affect the normal operation of equipment and damage expensive equipment.


After dehydration, deoiling and addition of surfactant, the universal absorbent material can absorb both oil and water. The universal sorbent material can be used for mechanical maintenance, automobile maintenance, oil and water treatment in factories and workshops, etc. Universal sorbent material is suitable for oil, water, coolant, solvent, pigment, dye and other unknown liquids. General sorbent material is usually grey.







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Product Description

Universal sorbent material is suitable for oil, water, coolant, solvent, pigment, dye and other unknown liquids. The internal filler is polypropylene with surface activation treatment, so it can absorb non petroleum liquids (versatile). General sorbent material is specially used for non hazardous liquid leakage treatment such as oil, water, coolant and solvent. General absorb material is marked in grey, which is more convenient for identification.

Universal absorbent materials are suitable for cleaning, containment and prevention of any possible chemical liquid leakage area, including production and manufacturing industry, transportation industry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection bureau, chemical plants, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants (hospitals) and other leakage areas with liquid or places where liquid is wiped on the surface of objects.​​​​​​​
Universal Absorbent
Universal Absorbent
The absorption capacity of the universal adsorption material is large (10 to 20 times of its own weight).
The absorption rate of the general absorbent material is fast.
General absorber material is clean, light and fast.
Universal Absorbent
Universal Absorbent
Universal Absorbent
After absorbing the leaked liquid, the general absorbing material can be reused after being extruded, saving money.
Universal absorb materials are resistant to chemical reaction (chemical resistance), corrosion, acid and alkali.
Universal absorbent materials have low cost and high effectiveness.
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Oil Absorbent
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