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what is a spill pallet?

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Plastic pallets began to enter the market in large quantities as early as a few years ago. Before plastic pallets were widely used, most of the used pallets in the market were wooden pallets. With the development of logistics and transportation industry, plastic pallets slowly entered people's vision. Plastic pallets are much more portable, recyclable and durable than wooden pallets, so plastic pallets are gradually replacing the use of wooden pallets, On the one hand, the plastic tray has some advantages, and on the other hand, it is also for the protection of the environment. It is replaced by new materials, so as to reduce the cutting of trees.Spill Containment Pallet is derived from plastic tray. According to the environmental protection problems and some large accidents occurred in recent years, the management of hazardous wastes is more strict, and the storage conditions of some oil liquids and acid-base liquids need to be seepage proof and leak proof. Simple plastic pallets can no longer meet the requirements, and then seepage proof pallets slowly enter the domestic market. Spill Containment Pallet have been used by many manufacturing enterprises, automobile industry, food industry, medical treatment, laboratories, etc. abroad. They have many characteristics that plastic pallets do not have, mainly including the following:

First of all, the Spill Pallet adopts thickened side frame and central load-bearing structure, which is firm and durable. When the anti-skid grille is full, it will not split. The grille can be disassembled, which is conducive to the treatment of leakage liquid. It can prevent and control the leakage and dripping of small volume, and the lower platform working surface can make the chemical barrel closer to the ground, which is conducive to loading, storage and sub loading operations;

Second: stackable design, saving space and transportation costs. Unlike plastic pallets, which can only be stacked individually,spill containment workstation can be embedded and stacked without grille plates, which saves more space;

The most important feature is that it is leak proof, and there are small holes at the bottom, which can be discharged externally. It is convenient to operate and easier to clean. It not only includes all the advantages of plastic trays and wooden trays, but also has the characteristics of leak proof, which is applicable to a wider range of fields.

Here is the contene list:  

lhow to select the Spill Containment Pallet.

lwhat is the small round hole of the Spill Containment Pallet.

lcleaning method of Spill Containment Pallet.

lprecautions for Spill Containment Pallet.

How to choose a Spill Containment Pallet.

lLook at the materials.

Many products on the market are produced with inferior recycled mixed materials, which are of low quality and easy to be damaged. It can be seen from the product quality that the pigment is uniform without bubbles or particle defects. Hopetopway's spill pallet ramp uses polyethylene particles to prevent the return of low-cost materials and strive to provide customers with good products.

l Look at the tray structure.

The spill containment workstation the stiffener structure design, which narrows the edge of the product and improves the reliability of load-bearing. However, many spill containment workstation on the market have too wide edges and lack of stiffener structure, which are easy to deform and bear insufficient load. Although the one-time price is cheap, the high replacement frequency leads to high long-term cumulative cost, but the gain is not worth the loss.

lpay attention to details.

The inferior drain plugs on the market have short service life, easy to leak, unreasonable bottom support structure and lack of support reinforcement. The stopper selected for the spill pallet kit is suitable for long-term use. The bottom structure of hopetopway is independently developed by a special team, which has strong wear resistance and stability.spill pallet kit is a kind of spill pallet kit that can control leakage. Forklift storage tanks are set for storing, transporting and recycling petroleum and chemical barrels. All leakage will flow into the leakage tank rather than to the ground. High strength, removable grille is easy to disassemble, clean and replace. The drainage hole can discharge the liquid in the drainage tank, which is convenient for most of the liquid recovery.

What is the small round hole of the Spill Containment Pallet?

It is the drainage hole of the Spill Containment Pallet, also known as the sewage outlet. The function of the drainage hole is to discharge the liquid leaking from the tray. Generally, the enterprises in the chemical plant have the highest frequency of use. The raw materials and liquid products produced by the enterprises in the chemical plant are stored in the spill workstation, and they are pressed during production, and they will also be sub packed. In this process, there will be some leakage, which needs to be discharged in time. Using professional external discharge tools, they can discharge without contact, The quality of packaged products will not change, but also ensure the safety of operators.

Cleaning method of Spill Containment Pallet.

Compared with other types of pallets, clean and sanitary, convenient cleaning is one of its biggest advantages, so it is particularly important to do a good job in the cleaning of Spill Containment Pallet. Timely cleaning can not only eliminate potential safety hazards, but also extend the service life of Spill Containment Tray. The following is a summary of the cleaning methods based on the actual situation:

  •  Find a larger container (which can be used to clean the Spill Pallet later), add special cleaning fluid, and immerse the Spill Containment Tray into the water containing the cleaning fluid;

  • Carefully brush the Spill Pallet along the bottom of the tray wall with a long handle brush;

  • After brushing, lift the Spill Containment Tray out of the pool, and then rinse it with clean water for many times until the stain is removed;

  •  After cleaning, water will remain on the Spill Containment Tray, which can be wiped on both sides with a clean cloth.

If the above conditions are not available, you can choose a brush connected with a water pipe and brush while flushing.

Another simplest method is to wash with a high-pressure water gun, but this washing method is only temporarily clean. It is generally used in emergencies. When the water is dry, you will find out whether there is still a clean place.

Precautions for leakproof tray

  •  spill containment workstation are equipped with drainage outlets. When there is a lot of liquid leakage in the pallet, it should be discharged in time to prevent safety accidents and endanger health;

  • The personnel cleaning the spill containment workstation should take protective measures, such as eye protection and special gloves when brushing the spill containment workstation, because generally, the spill containment workstation is mostly used to prevent chemical leakage.


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