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what is a spill pallet?

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what is a spill pallet?

In recent years, with the improvement of the national and people's demand for the quality of living environment, the national requirements for enterprise environmental protection have gradually increased, especially in the chemical industry. There are many ways to solve the environmental protection problems in the chemical industry, and we can't explore them, but the common problems of raw materials and oil leakage are the persistent diseases we often encounter. For this, a product called Spill Containment Pallet came into being. Spill Pallet, also known as Spill Tray, Spill Pallet, leakage pallet,spill pallet ramp, oil bucket kit, spill workstation, oil spill pallet ramp, oil bucket kit and spill containment workstation, It is a polyethylene container designed and developed to prevent and control the leakage of oil barrels, chemical barrels and other oil and chemical containers widely used in modern factories, warehousing, logistics and transportation industries. It is mainly used for the sub packaging and storage of chemicals, which can prevent environmental pollution and protect personal safety.

Here is the contene list:

  •  advantages of Spill Pallet.                                   

  •  why use Spill Pallet?

  • characteristics of Spill Pallet.


Advantages of Spill Pallet

  •  Avoid leakage during transportation

       The leakage capacity of the Spill Containment Pallet can reach 10% of the stored liquid, which can effectively prevent the overflow of hazardous waste liquid during transportation

  •  Reliable structure. The reliability of theSpill Pallet structure greatly reduces the

       damage and consumption of the spill pallet ramp. The thickened side frame and central load-bearing structure are adopted, which is firm and durable.

  •  lt is convenient for the recovery of hazardous waste liquid. The hazardous waste liquid  leaked during transportation is stored in the leakage box of the spill containment workstation, which is   convenient for collection and recycling again.

  • Wide applicability. It can be used on all kinds of shelves and transported by all kinds of trucks; Facilitate the centralized and unitized transportation of materials; Stackable design.

  •  It can be customized. Leakproof pallets will become more and more popular in special commodity markets, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, university   laboratories, etc. and according to the requirements of different factories, the color, size and brand of leakproof pallets can be customized, and the corresponding company logo and mark can  be added.

  •  Protect the environment. The use ofSpill Pallet can prevent secondary damage caused by leakage and protect the environment. At the same time, compared with wooden pallets, the use of   anti leakage pallets can avoid the loss of thousands of acres of forest every year.The Spill Containment Tray is made of low-density polyethylene (HDPE) and has a seamless structure design.  Its excellent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance can prevent the harm caused by the leakage of chemical liquids. At the same time, the Spill Palletanti leakage 盘 can be used alone or in combination with multiple products to form a splash proof and leak proof operation platform area.

Why use a Spill Pallet?

At present, many chemical plants, environmental treatment plants and laboratories store oil barrels, chemical barrels or some chemical containers. These oil drums, chemical storage drums or other storage containers, reagent bottles used in laboratories, factory batteries, etc. may leak due to dripping during storage, use and transportation, aging and damage, overflow and splash during sub packaging or filling, or leakage due to human reasons (overturning, forklift puncture). The first result of the leakage is that the visual sewage is everywhere, polluting the working environment, affecting cleaner production, and making people look uncomfortable. Then there are possible safety accidents such as falling down, and then flowing into sewers or inlets, polluting water and soil, causing a bad impact on the environment. Serious leakage of dangerous chemicals seriously endangers people's lives and property safety. In short, the above situations may cause leakage, but the leakage can be divided into small and heavy ones, which will cause potential safety hazards, which should be paid enough attention to. Of course, it is best not to leak or to leak as little as possible. The leaked liquid can be recycled as much as possible, which is also a good treatment method. At the same time, we need to take correct measures to prevent the possible leakage of various oils and chemicals, including dangerous chemicals, every day. spill containment workstation and leakproof platforms are the most commonly used tools to prevent and control the leakage of oil and chemicals. Then these will be used in oil drums, and the factory and enterprise units of chemical containers can use anti leakage pallets / anti leakage pallets.

Features of  Spill Palle.

  • lindustrial spill tray can be used with forklifts, which is convenient to move and deal with leakage.

  • each pallet of the anti leakage pallet can be used alone, or multiple pallets can be combined to form a workstation.

  •  the design of large spill containment tray meets the requirements of safe storage, handling and treatment of oil barrels and chemical barrels, and the subtle design is ingenious! For example, if the oil barrel is to be placed straight, the oil barrel should be tilted slightly so that water will not accumulate around the barrel cover. No matter how well the lid is sealed, under the change of temperature, the expansion and contraction of products in the barrel will produce a vacuum, and the water left on the barrel surface will be sucked into the barrel from the lid.

  • yellow spill tray is in the shape of slightly lower in the middle and slightly higher around. This follows the principle of placing the oil barrel vertically, in a simple straight-line plane shape, and the oil barrel will not have any inclination. In this way, the problem of oil pollution may occur in the storage of oil products.

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