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what is an ibc spill pallet?

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what is an ibc spill pallet


IBC Spill Containment Pallet is made of polyethylene material, and the whole adopts seamless structure design. The leakproof structure avoids leakage through measurement. Polyethylene structure provides excellent durability, chemical resistance and UV resistance. Specifically, the IBC Spill Pallet is a special container for IBC ton barrels. IBC Spill Pallet provide excellent spill prevention methods to customers of medium bulk containers, especially suitable for the leakage treatment of ton barrels and square chemical barrels. It has a very large containment capacity.

Here is the contene list:

lHow to judge the quality advantage of an IBC spill containment workstation?

lHow to use IBC IBC spill containment workstation correctly?



How to use IBC Spill Containment Pallet correctly?


Since the IBC Spill Pallet is a safety protection product, its quality reliability is very important. Don't cry when you see the leaking "milk". First, nip in the bud.


  • First look at the situation of the manufacturer of this IBC spill pallet kit. Is it professional? Is there any technology for design, production and product development? Is there a professional certification report? The reports of EPA and SPCC are authoritative and professional. Without any test and time inspection, the lBC spill pallet ramp is unreliable.


  • Look at the strength of the IBC spill pallet ramp. Obviously, products with thin quality and shaking when people step on them cannot bear the pressure of full load of four oil barrels. Deformation will occur, and cracking is inevitable. Some products have high temperature and good strength in summer, but not in winter. This has something to do with the materials used, and it also shows that their structural design and processing technology are unreasonable.


  •  Look at chemical resistance. Different materials have different chemical resistance. Unreasonable design and processing technology will cause some stress concentration, chemicals will accelerate the expansion of cracks, and the overall cracking of the anti spill workstation is not far away. Some pallets, on which some chemicals with high concentration such as sulfuric acid are placed, will soon corrode and crack. A good IBC Spill Traywon't do this.


  • The amount of leakage is a very important concept. Some manufacturers only see that what they make is a 2-barrel pallet or a 4-barrel pallet, and the height is similar to that of others, so they copy the contents and leakage of others, which is not ambiguous at all. In fact, due to the different product structure, the filling and leakage volume will be very different from what he said. What he said has a lot of moisture! Take a look at the huge forklift slot in the drain tank, and then take a look at the open drain tank of others, and you will know that the drain volume is really different, although the external dimensions are the same.


  • Take another look at product design. A well-designed IBC spill workstation must follow the principle of placing the oil barrel, that is, the oil barrel is placed a little inclined, so as to prevent the water on the oil barrel cover from being sucked into the barrel. Therefore, a good IBC spill work stations hould have four corners slightly higher than the middle part, so as to achieve this slight inclination. You no longer need to put a wooden block under the oil barrel.


  •  The grille should be high, non slip and easy to replace. There are huge holes in it, which is an unsafe factor. The position of the grille should be fixed and IBC spill pallet ramp. Therefore, the position of the fixed grille should be considered in the Spill Tray design. It is not safe for the grille to slide freely in the Tray slot. Each of the two gratings has its own responsibility. Just do it within its own scope.


  • Location and practice of drain plug. The function of the drain plug is to drain the leaking liquid. It is better to drain all the leaking liquid. If the position is inappropriate or the internal structure design of the Tray is unreasonable, the drain plug can not discharge all the liquid at all, or can only discharge limited liquid or does not discharge water at all, it is the drainage is not done well! Please pay attention to the drainage position!


      The drain plug is part of the IBC Spill Containment Tray. The drain plug is considered to be added. If the drain plug cannot be integrated with the Tray, the drain plug is in danger of falling out. The structure and manufacturing process of the drain plug are very important to the overall quality of the Tray

How to use IBC IBC spill containment workstation correctly?


1. Pay attention to the maximum bearing weight of the IBC spill pallet ramp and the leakage platform


  • There is an upper limit for the bearing weight of each pallet. The upper limit bearing weight is different due to different materials and designs. Please refer to the specifications of the anti leakage pallet manufacturer. In order to ensure the safety during transportation, the height of the center of gravity of the loaded goods should not exceed two-thirds of the width of the pallet.


2. Handling of IBC spill pallet rampand leakproof platform


  •  the leakproof pallet can be handled by hydraulic truck and forklift. The distance between forks should be as wide as possible to the outer edge of the fork inlet of the pallet, and the fork inlet depth should be more than 2/3 of the depth of the whole pallet.


  •  hydraulic trucks and forklifts should keep moving forward and backward and up and down at a uniform speed during the movement of the pallet, so as to avoid the pallet damage and cargo collapse caused by sudden braking and sudden rotation.


  •  when the leakage platform is fully loaded, it cannot be handled by hydraulic truck and forklift.

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