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what is the most protective hazmat suit?

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The latest four grades of protective clothing

First, let's explain a concept, what is protective clothing? Protective clothing is a kind of clothing for workers to achieve some protective measures. Install. But do you know that protective clothing also has grades? Now we mainly introduce the classification of protective clothing, and for. Your health and safety are necessary under these circumstances. Let's have a look.

According to the latest standards of the fire protection association, there are four levels of protective clothing, which are listed as follows: the first is class a protection

lThe second is class A protection

Class a protection is the highest level of protection, which mainly protects breathing, skin and eyes, and can breathe through specific gas pipelines. This is a fully enclosed protective clothing. This kind of protective clothing is equipped with protective boots, helmets, gloves, etc. And must be worn under the following circumstances; In the case of high concentration of gas and dust, the second is that it must be exposed to steam and cause damage to the skin; in addition, it is also necessary to protect places with poor ventilation in the working environment.

lThe second is class B protection

Class B protection. Only in terms of skin protection, it is slightly worse than Class A, and there is no difference in others. In dealing with dangerous goods, class B protection is the lowest protection standard. It is equipped with two layers of protective gloves inside and outside, as well as protective boots and helmets like Grade A. And must be worn under the following circumstances; IDLH environment will not cause serious injury, but when it needs to contact harmful objects with known concentration, this situation requires high-level protection for breathing, and the skin can be slightly reduced.

lThe third is class C protection

Level C protection is the same as level B in terms of skin. But it is slightly lower than grade B in terms of breathing. The requirement of this level is to filter the air completely before breathing. Chemical protective gloves with inner and outer layers are required. Protective boots and hats. And it must be worn in the following cases: when the concentration of harmful substances in the air is known, but the density of oxygen is higher than 19.5%, it must be protected at level C.

lThe fourth is level D protection

Level D protection is the lowest level of protection. There are no protective measures for the respiratory part, and there is only low protection for the skin. Wear protective gloves, boots, safety glasses and hard hats. And it must be worn in the following cases: there is no known damaging gas in the air, and it will not be immersed in any substance that will cause damage to the skin during the process of work.

In case of dangerous chemical leakage, in addition to wearing protective clothing, you should also wear a chemical spill kit. The chemical bin spill kit plays a powerful role in the emergency accidents of chemical liquid leakage.

Here is the contene list:

● How to use the chemical Spill kit?

● Chemical spill kit storage conditions?

● Chemical spill kit applicable environment?

How to use the Chemical Spill Kit?

△ Absorbent pad products are usually chemical absorbent cotton, chemical absorbent socks, chemical absorbent rolls, chemical absorbent pillow.

●  Chemical absorbent pad: suitable for small area of leakage treatment, can be directly put on the surface of the liquid. Leakage liquid will be quickly adsorbed, safe and convenient.

● Chemical absorbent rool: suitable for indoor ground leakage treatment, leakage occurs when the operator can directly spread on the ground for adsorption. In addition, because the absorbent roll is tear self - fetching type, so when necessary can also replace the chemical absorbent pad operation.

● Chemical absorbent boom: suitable for large area or multi-capacity leakage, can first use chemical suction socks to delineate the leakage range and gradually reduce the leakage range. According to the actual leakage area, choose the appropriate length of chemical absorbent boom, to ensure that the contacts at both ends of the cotton strip overlap, forming a strong barrier for leakage.

●  Chemical absorbent pillow: used alone or with chemical absorbent boom. When used, the operator can directly put the chemical absorbent pillow on the leaking liquid in a large area (or after the scope of the chemical absorbent boom has been delimited), and adsorb the leaking liquid directly and quickly.

Chemical spill kit storage conditions?

● Chemical spill kits should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, protected from moisture, rain and proximity to fire.

● Chemical spill kits should not be stored in the same place as acids, bases, oils and organic solvents.

● Chemical leakage kit is strictly prohibited to stack high and heavy weight when stored.

Chemical Spill Kit applicable environment?

● Industrial manufacturing.

● Automotive manufacturing and maintenance, especially in truck loading or forklift driving industries.

● Transport and logistics.

● Home applications.

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